Tales of Arise Gets Tons of New Screenshots Showing Characters, Progression, Battle Skills, & More

Today the Japanese arm of Bandai Namco shared a ton of new screenshots of the upcoming JRPG Tales of Arise.

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Dabigsiebowski44d ago

JRPG's have been on the back burner for far to Long. This looks amazing. Keep em coming for the Big Consoles please

Dixiedevil44d ago

This looks like it could be really good.

Lore44d ago

Yea really waiting for Sony to step up and make their own JRPG franchises that won’t be abandoned. These 3rd party deals are ridiculous to some extent because they just get the hopes up of fans. How can someone defend this approach when Bloodborne fans have been starving for 6 years with no end in sight. This is why Msft fans are set now.

Sephiroushin43d ago

What are you talking about? Dark Souls 3 released on PS and it was after Bloodborne released, while they are a bit different they are souls-like.... And the Playstation has plenty of RPGs to choose from...