Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Demo Runs at 1080p With Chaotic 60 FPS On PS5

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin demo is available to play now on the PS5. It comes with two visual modes but both run at 1080p.

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cbuc112541d ago

Game looks stuck in the PS3 era.

Greg280140d ago

The combat and job system is very good. Als liked the boss fight alot.

But yeah everything else needs a serious upgrade.

OtterX40d ago

But the chaos is next gen. ;)


CrimsonWing6940d ago

It doesn’t look like this game but for some reason the art style kind of reminds me of Quantum Theory.

badz14939d ago

if only people are THIS critical towards graphics when it comes to Nintendo...sigh...

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Lexreborn240d ago

This game was a lot of fun to play, but a ton of performance flaws for visuals that seem on the dated side. If they can polish this game up and have better presentation then this can be a super fun game.

AnnaDea40d ago

It's like 1 year away so they will polish the visuals.

This is Square after all.

RPGer40d ago

However, this is so not Square Enix.

All their games looks amazing even in Low Budget game (Trails of Mana), Beta (Realm Reborn), Demo ( FFXV very first Demo from Type 0), early Trailers (Kingdom Hearts 3). Especially, the Japanese sector, they are superb.

But this is just 1 year before the release and looks so profoundly terrible. I have said this many times before, for very first time I actaully hope SE will delay this as their old habit. The gameplay sure can be the best Soul inspired game, but everything else is incredibly pathetic.

Tacoboto40d ago

This is made by Team Ninja, did you see what they just did to Ninja Gaiden? And that's their own baby

AsunaYuukiTheFlash40d ago

@AnnaDea Team Ninja made this game.

AnnaDea40d ago

"Team Ninja made this game."

They are part of the dev team, yes.

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Elda40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I noticed the resolution looked somewhat dull. 1080p resolution in video games is so dated now.

RPGer40d ago

Resolution is part of it. Even if this game actually released in 8k it will still look so bad. Why? Because of this game is packed with bad models, shallow textures, outdated lighting andpathetic filters. Some old games on PC still looks amazing in 1080p only because of amazing detailed textures. You know what forgot about PC with expensive GPU, even Hoizon Zero Dawn looks million light years better than this on base PS4 which probably barely hits 1080p. Again why? Good Textures and good lighting it is.

SugarSoSweet40d ago

That's exactly right bro great explanation.

jukins40d ago

Lol thats quite ignorant. Especially considering all the new upscale techniques and machine learning. Which routinely use lower res images and reconstructs to higher res. Returnal is supposedly 1080p and without someone telling usbwed never know. That said yea this game look bad, which is a shame because its actually kinda fun

Elda40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

It's not ignorant. Certain games in 1080p look muddy & dull. Rage 2 looks that way on the PS4 & Pro. Cyberpunk 2077 on the PS4 Pro & PS5 look muddy because the game is in 1080p up to 1188p. Certain textures in Returnal look muddy & dull especially some of the rocks & foliage. With higher resolutions the visuals are more defined,sharp & clear even if the graphics may look dated at least the visuals would be much clearer. Video games that are cartoony look fine in 1080p but some games that try to look realistic using model-like graphics need to be in higher resolutions. Though there are wizards like Naughty Dog,Insomniac & GG among some other developers have games that look fine in 1080p.

ABizzel140d ago

I assume the demo is just the PS4 version, and the PS5 is simply running that but locked to a higher framerate. My guess is Base PS4 1080p. PS4 Pro 1440p, and PS5 4K.

Clover90440d ago

I was left underwhelmed after playing the demo. I just couldn't get into it. Combat felt pretty good, but everything else was so bland. Visuals, level design, characters, voice acting, enemies were all boring and dated to me.

metalgod8840d ago

I'm a pretty big FF fan, but dude... like why does this even exist? It looks terrible, wasn't fun ( for me; super repetitive ), and it's so dark. The areas are repetitive and I truly hate these generic looking characters.

This one needs a LOT of work before I would even consider playing it.

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