Where Does E3 Go From Here?

Darren writes: "E3 has always been a real highlight. Traditionally, it’s a time where all the big names roll out their most anticipated releases, as well as plenty of surprises to keep fans happy. Despite my pro-E3 stance it would be remiss of me to not recognise that it is struggling to live up to its reputation, and the expectation from gamers around the world."

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sourOG646d ago

Don’t really care to be honest. I know this was the last time I took off for it. There we’re a couple of other reasons like being sick but the main reason was e3. A total waste of time this year.

Sonic-and-Crash646d ago

it goes to Summer Gaming Show that Geoff begin....very smart move from Geoff and i find it far better than E3 ....

well organized and mixed all the game from all the companies

sourOG646d ago

Yeah I agree. I thought this year was kinda dull but as far as format goes the one mixed show is the way to go. Unless the publishers have a lot of good shit to show of course. If it’s an off year just let keighly show your shit.

magicted646d ago

I'm not a Xbox fan or even claim to be but I love the competition Xbox brings which then forces Sony to try and be better. This year E3 was disappointing with the major games if Halo and Starfield being lackluster. Then to have them close it out with a cgi trailer just crazy. It's like Microsoft didn't even know Sony just released 2 AAA games with Returnal and Ratchet and showed gameplay of Horizon. I was expecting Xbox to try and match that excitement and they didn't even come close. Better luck next E3 I guess.

waverider646d ago

Times are changing. And E3 format is losing the appeal it use to have. Studios are showing stuff during all year.