Xbox reveals it had to ‘trust’ Sony with pre-release Series X/S consoles for MLB

Microsoft has revealed that it had to “trust” Sony‘s San Diego Studio with pre-release Xbox Series X/S hardware when the rival platform holder was developing MLB The Show 21.

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NealGamby49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

This is a perfect example of why people hate on Microsoft. I knew that they pressured MLB for years. They are a mega corporation with lots of money to throw around. And if you think they didn't go to MLB and threaten them with taking away advertisement money from somewhere, you're very naive. Classic backroom executive deal. Scratch our backs, we'll scratch yours. They say Sony had no choice. But I disagree. I would have called MLB's bluff and declined. What's the worst that could happen? MLB already showed their hand and that they wanted it on all systems to maximize their profits. So it would not make sense for them to non-renew the deal with PlayStation because they would be back in the same boat they were already in. And if they lost it, so be it.

TornRaptor49d ago

Or maybe The Show despite being a great series from a good dev sold like dirt compared to other sports titles for years and when Sony went to relicence MLB the MLB told them it had to go muliplat. So, rather than lose the licence, they complied.
This is why you will see it going to Switch and PC in the future, not because Sony loves you, it's because the MLB wants there game played to expose more people to baseball.

NealGamby49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

No. The Show was a top seller on PlayStation. MLB knew what they were getting into when they first signed the exclusivity deal with Sony. And it sold well. You're insinuating they were unhappy with sales on PlayStation, which just isn't true.

Take-two should pump a lot of Advertising money into the NFL for a few years and then threaten to pull all the advertising unless they’re allowed to make an NFL licensed simulation game.

Sunny_D48d ago

Actually no. MLB the Show sold well on Playstation. Sony makes bank on the diamond skin pack microtransaction from the game. Reason why MLB wanted to expand it to Xbox is to help make baseball more popular to an even larger audience. Considering football, basketball, and soccer had their games on multiple systems, they didn't want to be left out of the sports race.

Thus more people playing = More people interested in MLB = more fans = more ticket sales and merchandise sales = more $$$

Sayai jin48d ago

Deep pockets? It's called business.

Orchard48d ago

Let’s not pretend The Show was a big seller on PS. It sold around a million units on average and wasn’t even the top seller in its typically quiet launch month. That isn’t good for a sports game.

MLB expanded it to other platforms because they wanted more sales than Sony could give them, simple as. This game will come to PC and probably Switch too

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TornRaptor49d ago

So Sony went in hard to renegotiate the licence and insisted despite great sales that it go multiplatform and that the MLB publishes on Xbox? What the hell are you smoking Neal? I sure want some.

neutralgamer199249d ago


I don't think it works like that TBH. Ms wanted a MLB game and Sony made the best one on the market so MLB most probably approached sony to see if the game could be made for other platforms. People act like MLB came to Sony with a take it or leave it deal and I don't think that's true. Sony had what's known in the business a 1st party deal with MLB. So even if MLB had given the rights to EA and Take Two Sony could still make MLB game (don't believe me look it up when MLB had given 3rd party rights for all MLB games to EA Sony still developed MLB the show and when those rights went to 2K Sony still made MLB the show)

This is more of a case of you make a great game and we want more gamers to be able to play it. Most probably MLB gave Sony a better deal than they had before and for Sony it's a win win because they were going to fund the development as is now they get millions more for same amount of work

Xbox fanboys want you to believe MLB made it happen by threatening Sony but that's not how big business works if there is money to be made these corporations will find a way to make it work

Just like Minecraft is on other platforms because it makes way too much money to limit it's potential

In my opinion it's the right move for MLB the show to be on other platforms. It's a yearly sports title and that extra money Sony could use elsewhere

jukins49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Maybe read the article because it clearly states MLB went to sony and proposed a take it or leave it. "It was the license holders decision to bring it to other platforms and gamepass". Its been exclusive for almost 20 years why all the sudden, especially with a new console launch, would they CHOOSE to do a multiplat. I mean its really obvious its not even published on xbox by sony studios its published by mlb. Mlb basically wanted more money. Its a consistent good selling game, not blockbuster but you cant easily count on 2-3 million sales each year.

I do wonder however after it being a surprise gamepass game why sony would continue to develop this game. Its basically free on the competitors platform kinda a slap in the face for sony to develop this game for decades being the only officially licensed baseball game in awhile and the first time it debuts on xbox its "free".

neutralgamer199249d ago


For real it has been exclusive for 20 years? I guess EA never made MLB MVP series or 2k didn't make MLB 2k series. Both EA and 2K had exclusive deals

Take-Two Interactive in January 2005 signed a seven-year exclusive contract with Major League Baseball for its Major League Baseball 2K franchise — a deal that prevented EA from bringing its well-regarded MVP Baseball series to the current generation of consoles

Xbox fanboys wanna talk crap but don't even know their damn facts. While 2k had this deal Sony still made MLB games

I am sure Sony worth north of 100 billion dollars was threatened by mlb

jukins48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Lmao you wrote all that instead of just reading the article... its not about being threatened. ITS A LICENSED GAME. The license holder makes the rules. Man the entire internet, not to mention this damn article says the same thing and you still choose to double down on ignorance... . "Ea had a 7 year contract" contract had its own deal contract expired when it was time to renew the license mlb said make it multiplat or dont make it at all. Lol its obvious you didnt read the article or any news regarding the mlb LICENSE. Ironic you talk about not knowing facts lol. An you a clearly a bad judgment of character just a quick comment search would show you juat how much of an xbox fanboy i am hint hint im a ps fanboy. Enjoy you day and ignorance

Sunny_D48d ago


MLB the Show sold well on Playstation. Sony makes bank on the diamond skin pack microtransaction from the game. Reason why MLB wanted to expand it to Xbox is to help make baseball more popular to an even larger audience. Considering football, basketball, and soccer had their games on multiple systems, they didn't want to be left out of the sports race.

Thus more people playing = More people interested in MLB = more fans = more ticket sales and merchandise sales = more $$$

jukins48d ago

Im not arguing that Sunny D. Obviously it made them decent money and if they had their choice theyd keep it exclusive. And Obviously yes the licence holder wants more money and this gives it to them.

glennhkboy48d ago

"People act like MLB came to Sony with a take it or leave it deal" I think this was exactly what happened behind close door. If Sony said no to muti-platform, EA or Take2 would be more than happy to take the call from MLB.

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343_Guilty_Spark49d ago

Are you referring to your own backroom deals at night?

Andrew33649d ago

This is dumb. Also, who gives a fuck beside fanboys.

Nineball211249d ago

People hate MS for having exclusives with Bethesda. People hate MS for bringing a previous exclusive to more people. Which is it?

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JustTheFax49d ago

The answer is, they want MS to fail, period. They don't want them to have any exclusives so the xbox platform will die and Sony will have no competitors. Then they can pay $70 all day everyday for their 1st party games they can beat in a weekend.

CYALTR49d ago

Wow, to be a fly on the wall of so many corporate board rooms. Microsoft, Sony, MLB, those are some heavy hitters to have that kind of detailed inside information. Impressive!!

darthv7249d ago

I think you are missing a bigger point Neal. Sony had access to MS hardware... so they know what it is capable of and it would give them the opportunity to tweak with it to benefit their own platform.

jznrpg49d ago

MS didn’t have to do it

TheHan49d ago

With the way the game has been selling on PS, MLB forced Sony in making the game Multiconsole platform, to make MLB money, I very much enjoy MLB but MLB wasn’t making money like they wanted with the PS exclusivity.

n1kki648d ago

Dude, you are unhinged. You can still play on PS5. It doesn't change anything for people who want to play on PS5.

PepsivsCoke48d ago

Microsoft had to trust Sony? Didn’t Microsoft pay IBM a bunch of money to help them use research of the cell processor or at least some of the intel that they had from working on the cell processor? I swear an IBM engineer wrote a book about it because he felt like it was so dirty that Microsoft and IBM did that. So I can see why Microsoft would be worried about trust. No one should trust them. Lol

1Victor48d ago

If you had any doubts this proves Sony is a honorable company they knew what Microsoft had for Xbox and didn’t upped their console to match / surpass their competitor.
Do you think Microsoft would had done the same ?

OG_TK_Cole48d ago

Actually you guys need to do your research. THIS IS WHY THE GAME WENT 3RD PARTY.

2003 MLB 2004 660,000
2004 MLB 2005 900,000
2005 MLB 2006 400,000
2006 MLB 06: The Show 940,000 (PS2), 350,000 (PSP)
2007 MLB 07: The Show 930,000 (PS2), 280,000 (PS3), 280,000 (PSP)
2008 MLB 08: The Show 420,000 (PS2), 700,000 (PS3), 330,000 (PSP)
2009 MLB 09: The Show 330,000 (PS2), 720,000 (PS3), 270,000 (PSP)
2010 MLB 10: The Show 410,000 (PS2), 730,000 (PS3), 210,000 (PSP)
2011 MLB 11: The Show 130,000 (PS2), 590,000 (PS3), 180,000 (PSP)
2012 MLB 12: The Show 930,000 (PS3), 200,000 (PSV)
2013 MLB 13: The Show 840,000 (PS3), 150,000 (PSV)
2014 MLB 14: The Show 430,000 (PS3), 730,000 (PS4), 120,000 (PSV)
2015 MLB 15: The Show 400,000 (PS3), 1.01 million (PS4), 40,000 (PSV)
2016 MLB The Show 16 380,000 (PS3), 960,000 (PS4)
2017 MLB The Show 17 1.16 million
2018 MLB The Show 18 1.06 million
2019 MLB The Show 19 2.11 million
2020 MLB The Show 20 2.76 million
2021 MLB The Show 21

NotoriousWhiz48d ago

And for reference, here's NBA 2k

NBA 2K17 2016 8.5 million
NBA 2K18 2017 10 million
NBA 2K19 2018 12 million
NBA 2K20 2019 14 million
NBA 2K21 2020 8 million

KillBill48d ago

"I would have called MLB's bluff and declined." - and that is why you don't work at Sony. Had they done that then likely Xbox would have been offered the franchise and they would have brought it to all systems instead. Microsoft would have gotten the biggest media boost for the deal and Sony would be paying for it for years to come. Sony could not refuse the game on their system and if they tried to it would go even worse for them.

OG_TK_Cole48d ago

I learned a long time ago on this message board, that a lot of these guys who practice Fanaticism over these Consoles are either very young, or are just creepy weirdo's, who think with Emotions Instead of Logic.

If you pay close attention these are the same type of characteristics of the people who end up Doxing and threating Developers when they dont get what they think they should get when it comes to video games.

In the grand scheme of things its a very small and sad life.

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XxSPIDEYxX49d ago

Predicted Microsoft went to the MLB and wow, it worked out phenomenally for them. Got Sony to make MLB games for them, all while making Sony look like the bad guys.

LucasRuinedChildhood49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

To be fair, Sony didn't gimp or mess with the Xbox version of MLB The Show whereas MS decided not to optimize Psychonauts 2 for PS5 when they are doing so for Series X|S (intentionally giving PlayStation owners an inferior product for the same money). All future Double Fine games will be exclusive to Xbox so there really wasn't any need to do that.

Why is that happening? Because PlayStation are obligated by MLB not to do what Xbox have done. Both Sony and MS are corporations. We may prefer the vision of one over the other but they don't care about us and they both tell lies to sell us a product (Jim Ryan lied about generations whereas MS were more transparent about cross gen games, Phil Spencer lied about next gen games being 4K 60fps which wasn't realistic and hasn't panned out and Sony didn't do that).

porkChop48d ago

Regarding Psychonauts 2, here's the thing. MLB got enhanced for Series X because Xbox gave Sony San Diego pre-release hardware. Did Sony ever give pre-release PS5 hardware to Double Fine? I haven't heard about that anywhere. Have you? Or are you just assuming that DF/Xbox intentionally gimped the PS5 version?

Eonjay49d ago

Interesting. But yes they had to if they wanted it on their platform. Which in hindsight it obvious to see why they just did it.

Julion071549d ago

No matter what Microsoft does it’s always ganna be that fanboy screaming ms buying the industry ms throwing it’s deep pockets around give it a rest smh

343_Guilty_Spark49d ago

They can't prove anything. All noise.

sactownlawyer91649d ago

Funny how the more MS tries to buy the better PlayStation sells. Kinda funny actually.

TheRealTedCruz49d ago


Funny how the more MS improves themselves as a gaming company, it becomes more and more evident it was never about them doing better, just fanboys hoping Sony is "winning" these stupid little console wars.

Kinda funny, actually.

TheColbertinator48d ago

Obviously Sony would have to keep their end of the deal or MLB would start restarting the negotiations.

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