PopMatters: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 review

L.B. Jeffries writes:

"Still, that extreme difficulty is part of what makes you rely so heavily on your friends and what makes these moments genuine ones. When one of your friends asks a victim if he's really going to accept his shadow self's homosexuality, the victim acidly replies that he already accepted that a long time ago. He's just scared to admit he's worried about what everyone will think if they found out. If all Persona 4 did was parade a couple of juvenile teenage issues around and prop this up with a clever design, then the game would be just another JRPG with some exceptional innovation. But touching moments like that one make up the bulk of the experience, not the minority, and it's for that reason Persona 4 becomes great."

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lordgodalming3692d ago

Preordered this. Can't wait. But that's beside the point.

Anyone know if LB Jeffries is this writer's real name or is it a reference to the old Alfred Hitchcock movie "Rear Window"?

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