Five Nights At Freddy's creator retires amid controversy over political donations

From "Scott Cawthon, the creator of popular horror series Five Nights At Freddy's, is retiring from professional games development.

In a statement on his site, he indicated he would return to making games as a hobby.

The announcement comes on the seven-year anniversary of the debut trailer for the first game, but also follows a week of controversy around Cawthon and his donations to US political parties."

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BlackIceJoe41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

This is truly disappointing, because Scott made some cool games. I'd have liked to have seen what a Five Nights At Freddy's for the PS5 and Xbox Series X could have looked like.

It shouldn't matter who people vote for, it is their business and only their business.

Plus it is disgusting how people were doxing him and trying to get his personal information out there.

Eonjay41d ago

Yeah I think the whole situation is stupid. I would, however, like to sidebar and say that I don't think political institutions should be able to accept donations. I think that only candidates themselves should receive public money when they enter general elections. I guess what I am really saying is that we shouldn't have political parties at all.

Extermin8or3_41d ago

I mean we're that the case nothing would ever get done

Eonjay41d ago


As opposed to what? The glorious system we have now where so much is accomplished?'
Naw, political parties are just funnels for cash and donations in exchange for political favors for the corporate America and the wealthy. Nothing more.

No Way41d ago

All those clowns don't need donations.. They already richer than 90% of us. Use their own money if they want to win.

ocelot0741d ago

Just incase you didn't know. Five nights at Freddy's security breach is coming to PS4 and ps5 and pc.

Thantalas41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

The US games media only hires people with the same politics and when anybody in the industry expresses a different point of view they hound them out. If he had committed a vile crime that would be one thing, but he just voted differently from them.

Eonjay41d ago

Most people consider Trump to be cancer and if you support him, you are flagged as being a fundamentally flawed individual who would storm the capital and turn on your country simply because you were weak enough to not be able to see that he is lying to you (gullible and stupid). Which of course is crazy. But then again, so is listening to someone who lies more than he tells the truth. There is no where to go. Either you reject Trump or people look at you like your dangerous to the public good.

And it wont stop because when people feel like you're a danger, they aren't gonna give you a chance to metastasize into whatever it is they fear. For example, Trump has been going around claiming that he is going to be reinstated as President in August. This is nonsense. If you support him, when he clearly has profound issues with the truth, people extend that judgement to you. It is really like whatever at this point.

This guy should not be targeted for his personal support, but it just happens that guy he supports is one of the most hated men alive. And only because Trump lies so much it like he is actively challenging your intelligence 24/7 which no one likes.

Babadook741d ago (Edited 41d ago )


Trump keeps getting proven right.

He didn’t collude with Russia. That was a hoax.

He didn’t commit a quid pro quo with Ukraine. That was Biden demanding a prosecutor be fired for looking into hunters dealings.

His claim that the covid 19 virus came from the p4 lab in Wuhan looks valid in many ways. The DNA matches the ccp virus all except for a few bits to make it more virulent, and no animal host found.

His claim that the 2020 election was stolen wasn’t baseless after all. Lots of valid affidavits confirm it and of course there are th statistical anomalies.

Regarding the capital political protests, it’s not really fair for the fbi to infiltrate the right wing groups as they did. Coerce them into showing up. Opening the doors and inviting law abiding political petitioners in and then locking them into solitary confinement with no trial.

It’s amazing after all that, that some people still believe main steam media. Most don’t though so that’s what is leading to the current and coming audits re election.

41d ago
kneon41d ago


Wow, you really have drunk the koolaid haven't you

Eonjay41d ago

There will be no reelection. Trump lost the election all by himself. His campaign was actually quite literally found to be too stupid to understand that they were being used by Russia. He did 'commit quid pro quo' and was impeached for it.
And your theory on Covid-19 seems incredibly obtuse. And I couldn't possibly know if it's true and neither could you.

FunAndGun40d ago


"Lots of valid affidavits confirm it" ... that is 100% false and a lie. A judge did hear from some of those who made affidavits. When questioned under oath, not a single affidavit held up and ALL affidavits were deemed not credible by the judge. There is video evidence of this. You are a straight up lying cult member.

Chump also said "It's 15 and going down to zero." and " It will go away in April (2020) with the warmer weather." Why you bring up him being right about a lab leak (which is not verified yet), but fail to mention him being 100% WRONG about covid and downplaying it completely? It did not go away like a miracle at all.

Then you deflect blame from the Chump cult members who attacked the Capitol? REALLY?? The only thing that made Chump cult members attack the Captiol is the lies coming from their cult master. You blame them being infiltrated and coerced is about the weakest defense imaginable. They made the poorly educated cult break windows, break doors, attack officers, and ransack offices? You guys straight up lie and believe lies on the daily.

Babadook740d ago (Edited 40d ago )


"Lots of valid affidavits confirm it"
This is 100% provably true, and YOU have just lied. In fact GOP plaintiffs prevailed on 14 of the 21 cases decided on the merits. https://hereistheevidence.c...

Regarding covid predictions, I didn’t bring that up like I didn’t bring up 99% of the issues due to not having time to cover them. I covered the big issues all of which Trump won. Trump has a way of making exaggerations. He also has the guts to tell the hard truth when it needs to be said. Every other recent president would just lie and cave to the MSM and elites. Trump was right about the vaccine being ready “sooner than you think, and by the end of the 2020” and the MSM lied and said it was impossible. And he didn’t downplay covid, he took drastic life saving action and shut down flights from China and was labeled a xenophobe by the lying left wing officials.

Regarding the capital protest. You admit that there were agent provocateurs there no? You admit many protesters were let it no? Did you not know that the BLM antifa team broke at least one of those windows? Sounds like a blatant entrapment scheme.

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atomaweapon641d ago

"Controversies"? the dude voted for Trump - how is that a fking controversy. It should "Games Journalists Push Beloved Game Creator to Retirement Over Vitriolic Hate for Voted Who He Wants For"

iamrperry41d ago

Reap what you sow? For having a political opinion? Get out here you fascist.

Nineball211241d ago

What exactly does that mean? Explain that to us all, please.

PertySlick41d ago

Look, I'm not a big fan of Trump either, but to "punish" somebody because they voted for the other guy is one of the most anti-democratic things you can do. With that mentality you are an enemy of the United States democracy and no better than the insurrectionists that tried to stop the vote count on January 6th.

TheRealTedCruz41d ago

You deserve to be cancelled for having a political lean? I'm far from a Trump fan, but not being able to say the same shouldn't result in harassment so bad you leave your career.
My dad is an avid Trump supporter. He's not as culty as QAnon supporters, but he felt him a good president.
The guy would give the shirt off his back for almost anyone.
But because he endorsed Trump, he's now a bad person who deserves to be treated like crap for holding political views?

No he doesn't.

Darkborn41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Where have you guys been? People all over the world have been getting canceled and fired from their jobs just because they voted for or liked trump. This is the way things are in the world. One side is for freedom, and the other side is for control.

I'll go further. The FBI talked about putting every trump voter on a watch list a few months ago. This is the corruption of the US right now.

41d ago
Eonjay41d ago

What medman said is true. You reap what you sow. It counts for everyone and it doesn't care that you will never accept this simple idea. Denying reality: You will reap that as well.

41d ago
dbcoops41d ago

You're using that wrong.

mudakoshaka41d ago

And in your Antifa camp, what are you sowing? Fascist, commie co*ksucker!

Christopher40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I'm no fan of Trump, far from, but I'm not asking anyone to lose their job just for voting for him. If you believe in someone's vote being what can get them fired, you must then follow that one should be limited in life by beliefs. That's the same as what people claim theological conservatives are trying to do.

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mixelon41d ago

It wasn’t about the voting it was about the donations?

NealGamby41d ago

What difference does it make which one it was about? And just the fact that you brought that up shows how ignorant you are. You're no better than those who harassed him.

dbcoops41d ago

People make political donations all the time. Shouldn't matter who he donated to.

gamer780441d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Exactly this is why I don’t visit kotaku or watch kindafunny games content anymore. They push too much hate and toxicity if you differ from their political views.

Umb40d ago

I'm not American nor do I live in the USA, but some of the things people say here seems odd. My parent's lived through a communist regime and what we're seeing today in the USA is exactly how it started in their country. Infiltration from within, get media to parrot a narrative constantly. Teach children at a young age how and what to think, create division amongst the people be it race, religion, gender, wealth, etc, and in one generation a country's freedom and liberty is subverted and controlled by the few on top.

When you believe only what the media tells you without doing your own research you are no more a pawn in their game. Think operation mocking bird. Example, Covid19 did not come from a lab but from a wet market, now it most likely came from the Wuhan lab. Another, hydroxychloroquine does not help against Covid19 and is harmful, this is also BS, this drug has been in use for over 50 years! Many medical doctors came out to support this drug yet that got censored, dox and threaten. Why, because they did not fit the narrative? The agenda?

I guess people believe what they want to believe, it's easier to be told than to think for one's self.

And all the flag burning, The USA flag may mean little to some, in particular the left leaning group, but that flag represents the freedom afforded to Americans, paid for in blood and great sacrifice. Freedom is never free, it's a price few a willing to pay in this day and age.

If you think what I say is full of crap, that's fine because freedom means you can think differently without fear of reprisals. And if you don't believe, try all this crap in China and see how fast you disappear!!

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FlameBaitGod41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

You remember all the people that got fired, harassed and death treats when they voted for Obama?(go on youtube or anyplace, find me those videos or articles, because I can find you hundreds for trumpters). I don't either but the people who voted for Trump are apparently the nazis lol(A nine year old kid got kicked from school for wearing trump hat, many don't know how bad sh1t crazy these people are, some got evicted from their houses lmfao.)

Great quote ""The people who have shown the best understanding of Fascism are either those who have suffered under it or those who have a Fascist streak in themselves."

If you don't think exactly like them, you are the problem and you are the intolerant one. Right now some two cell brain person is reading this and getting mad, just from reading it.

medman41d ago

He got what he had coming.

FlameBaitGod41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

True bro true, how dare he have a different opinion, should have given him the death penalty imo.

Nineball211241d ago

I really hope you're just trying to troll.

medman41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I am, but I also don't feel sorry for the guy....he made choices, the community of gamers who bought his game and supported it (a lot of lgbtq) don't like the party he made donations to because that party doesn't support them and they voiced their displeasure with his choices. All good. He chose to step away from making games because of the controversy, also all good as that is his choice.

The sad sacks in this forum moaning and whining about him being canceled are the same losers who moaned and whined about TLOU II and the choices Naughty Dog chose to make with that story. The only difference is they desperately tried to "cancel" TLOU II and all that game did was win goty awards, sell well, and get praise heaped upon it from other developers and fans. So once again this crowd of whiners is upset that their little world doesn't matter, and their opinions are being ignored. Typical.

41d ago
medman41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I have no idea what you're saying as it's nonsensical gibberish, but more importantly, I really don't care. Your confusion is not my concern. Good luck with that.

41d ago
medman41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I understand you're a whining, wailing, woe is me the world is against me type. Poor babies don't get their way and they throw tantrums. Typical for your kind. What more is there to understand? lol

Pickledpepper41d ago

WTF are you on about?
I'm not moaning and whining, if fact I don't really care, yes it's unfortunate for him but all I want is good games, don't care who makes them as long as I enjoy them regardless of which platform they are on, but to bring TLOU 2 in to it is just ridiculous, it sound like you would defend it even if you hated it because your a fanboy.
Yes I hated the game, way to many pointless flashbacks and found the game so overdrawn and boring I had to force myself to play to what I thought was finally the end but then found out I had another 8hrs of abby, never did finish it and never will.
The first game is still one of my favourites and have completed it many times.

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mixelon41d ago

Donating, not voting, and he took the coward’s way out as all he had to do was own it.

41d ago
40d ago
LucasRuinedChildhood41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Not much nuance or common sense in this comment section. He hasn't been cancelled. He's his own employer, lads, so he can't be fired no matter how much anyone disagrees with him on Twitter. "Sweet Jesus, I've been cancelled! You can fight back by buying my new game."

The way people label things "cancel culture" is self-serving and not consistent at all. If Naughty Dog's staff receiving death threats in a very organized way (the abuse online was an order of magnitude larger than this case and went on for a long time) wasn't cancel culture last year, then logically this isn't cancel culture either. It can't just be cancel culture when it suits YOU.

Anyone who threatens other people online is a scumbag. End of. Otherwise, people have free speech. People here are gleefully claiming he was criticized for simply being a Republican - do 5 minutes research and you'll realize that that's not true. He was criticized for lying and virtue signaling. He has old posts where he made a big deal about how pro-LGBT he is, e.g. while he has been privately donating large sums to politicians with anti-LGBT policies. It would be like telling your audience that you're anti-abortion for years while privately donating to Democrats.

41d ago
41d ago
LucasRuinedChildhood41d ago (Edited 41d ago )


"To think you would even try to bunch up and compare useless neckbead death threats with cancel culture like its the same level...pathetic."

If you honestly think that someone disagreeing with you on Twitter is worse than death threats, then you need to see a therapist, lad. You have to go through a lot of mental gymnastics to believe that.

LucasRuinedChildhood41d ago

Just to expand on a point from my original comment:

The most concerning part of this case are the threats to Cawthon's safety, not that people are disagreeing with him which is obviously within their right. It's the same thing for Naughty Dog. You don't have to like their work but death threats are not acceptable and they're stressful to those who receive them and their families. Nobody should have to worry about their personal safety over online disagreements over video-games.

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FunAndGun40d ago

Colin Kaepernick? Didn't the cult give him death threats? Didn't he get cancelled? How is that different? He had a different opinion and the Chump cult went ballistic. Fascists? Hypocrites?

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curtain_swoosh41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

fking hell.
i really like the fnaf games and the lore.
cant believe some people.
he was a genuine nice guy who cared for his fans.

rlow141d ago

Wow, democracy in distress. When your ousted out of your job because you donated money to a candidate or party, it's McCarthism at its finest. What's different this time? It's a bunch of anonymous people online and twitter who forced him to retire. The more Corporations bow to this kind of pressure the more power you feed into the mob mentality. Hope he gives them the middle finger and starts a new studio down the road.

Eonjay41d ago

Oh please, entertaining the vocal minority is literally the lifeblood of Twitter and the internet at large. We see it all over games journalism, on gaming message boards and YouTube.