Elden Ring Director Interview (Part 1): Miyazaki Discusses the Story and GRR Martin's Involvement

Elden Ring director Miyazaki Hidetaka discusses the game's story and George R. R. Martin's involvement in the first part of this interview.

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alb189941d ago

Waiting for this one.
That's the only game that I'm gonna buy next year thanks to Gamepass :)

VenomCarnage8941d ago

If I could only buy one game next year, it would be Elden Ring

Michiel198941d ago

I was really curious about Martins involvement with this game. I expected something similar that he made a setup for the world and maybe a rough draft for the story. Im also quite surprised that he heard of Dark Souls before he even met with Miyazaki, I watched a lot of his interviews and in those he did mentions books and movies but never games.

Cant wait to get my hands on this.

Eamon41d ago

I'm pretty sure GRRM, as a fantasy author, would be a fan of or at least played table top-games of the 20th century. From that, it wouldn't be far-fetched that he'd have a passing interest in videogames and specifically fantasy-themed ones.

titans999941d ago

Cant wait for this one! Open world Demon Souls = HELL YEA BABY!!!!

HeliosHex41d ago

Next level dark souls. Counting the days until I can indulge in this intriguing game.

specialguest40d ago

I like how the game still has the soul of a souls game, but includes a lot of new elements and flare. It's the right amount of changes and retention to keep fans happy while keeping it fresh