Sony Computer Entertainment America Gives Reason to Stay Warm this Winter

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. (SCEA) today unveiled comprehensive line up of software for PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3), PSP (PlayStation Portable), and PlayStation 2 available during the 2008 holiday season. With 19 titles from SCEA and limited edition hardware bundles providing great consumer value, PlayStation aims to have fresh content for gamers this holiday season whether they are at home, traveling, or celebrating the holidays with family and friends.

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TheColbertinator3695d ago

Glad Persona 4 closed up shop for the PS2.Ending the cycle with a game that has 96 on metacritic is testament to the greatness of the PS2

Danja3695d ago

I agree PS2 so far has the highest rated game of the year...which is just amazing considering it's 8 years this rate the PS2 might just live out this gen also...

UNCyrus3695d ago

or the greatness of my PS3 that has B/C

mirroredderorrim3695d ago

I agree, Colbert. Bubble.

The PS2 is running the olympics with a long ZZ-top beard and still keeping up with the new guys (ps3, 360, wii)

gamesR4fun3695d ago

looks like ill need another job to keep up lol

Itrguy0013694d ago

lol i wondered who gave u a disagree for saying that u might need another job which might be true

Nathaniel_Drake3695d ago

Seems like Sony has every corner covered

Radiodread3695d ago

I bought an 80 gig ps3 like two weeks before the 160 gig came out. I had no idea there was guna be a 160 gig let alone in two weeks. So pissed, i shoulda just waited. 80 gigs should be enough don't you guys think? I don't DL movies or game movies, just arcade games and ps3 save game files. I hope it'll last me awhile before I gota upgrade.

PirateThom3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

I've had a 60GB since launch and even with a load of games, saves and installs and some music, I still have about 10GB left.

I need to play Quest for Booty, it's one I can probably remove from my HDD once I finish it, it's over 3GB.

Realistically, it needs a clean up, I have games saved on it I don't even play anymore.

OrganicMachine3694d ago

if you have to upgrade your HDD.. you can buy a laptop HDD..

you have to read up on which HDD that is compatible witht he PS3...

Radiodread3695d ago

cuz it seems like such a hassle to buy a new larger hardrive that fits the ps3 and has to be the right brand. Then you gota buy a memory stick to back up your saved games. then the actual task of having to remove your HDD from the ps3.

cayal3695d ago

removing the hard drive is easy and all you need is a laptop hard drive. It's not complicated.

Exoil3694d ago

You go out, buy yourself a 320 gb 2.5" SATA drive for about $80-100.

Then you go home, copy all your saves to an memory stick. If you have multiple users I recommend you create folders on your memory stick named like your users. Then you copy, let's say, User 1 onto the memory stick and then stick it in your computer and move the "Savedata" folder into the User 1 folder. Rinse & repeat.

Then you shut down you PS3 and takes a knife to open the small board on the left side of the PS3. Then you unscrew 1 PH2 screw and remove the hdd from the PS3. Then unscrew 4 PH2 screws from the HDD and switch the harddrives. Then you just follow this list backwards and you're done!

rroded3692d ago

yeh you can save your data or backup the ps3 to a external hardrive
tho from experience backup by the book aint worth the time just back up your save files n user stuff to a mem card or hd (wont need more than 2 gigs) then swap out your drive.
ps check google for compatible ps3 drives and even video instruction if u want lol.

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