Warzone #26 - Can Sony Pass Microsoft And Nintendo And Dominate This Generation?

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "In this episode we talk about the possibilities of Sony winning this generation and what they need to do it. We discuss why they are in third and ponder what would have happened if the PS3 was $100 cheaper. We also forecast what console sales will top off at this generation.
Also on this episode:

- PS3 Chatpad Review
- Prince Of Persia tops off at 45fps on 360 and 30fps on PS3
- We let everyone know why Gears Of War 3 will never be seen on a Playstation console
- More KZ2 discussion
- FFXIII Versus and Kingdom Hearts coming to 360
- Hiphopgamer responds to his fans
- And much much more!"

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kwicksandz3603d ago

getting on itunes now!

Im interested to see what hiphop thought of the chatpad.

WANNA GET HIGH3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Thats a very good question.I have to say if the wii keeps selling like this then it cannot happen.The only way the ps3 can outsell the 360 this gen is if they outsell it by like 200-300 grand week in week out.Loads of people think that the ps3 would catch up if it out sells the 360 by a couple of grands like it was doing early this year but the truth is it will not.

The 360 is at(25 million)
The ps3 is at(17 million). Correct me if i got my numbers wrong.The lead was cut to 5millio early this year but the recent price cuts have seen the lead grow to 8million.Now if sony cuts there price as well im sure it would have the same effect the 360 got(may be even better) but the 360 will also keep on selling.It will take almost 2-3 years for the ps3 to close the 8million gap even when it starts out selling the 360 by a large margine,i am sure that is why sony did there 10yr plan for the ps3 just like the ps2.

To be honest i dont really care about sales because i dont get money from a single console sold but i just felt i had to say the fact.And the fact is that the ps3 might finish last this gen if it dose not start outselling the 360 by a "LARGE" margine and not just a couple of thousands like it has been doing.Black friday sales was a huge blow for sony and thats the truth,every console got a good deal on black friday but for some reason the ps3 sale was still kinda crap when u compare it to the 360 and wii.But with that said i think that japan will play a huge factor if sony is going to start outselling the 360 world wide by a large margine.Rember the ps3 has not had any block buster JRPJ game in japan and its still selling ok,when FF13,WCK..E.T.C comes out i expect to see a huge boost in sales, i tought LBP will provide that boost but sales was not what i expected.It helped move consoles but it did not move as much console u would expect from a game that was hyped up as the new mario.And i think it will be when the ps3 hits £200 that sales will start to fly,That is whe i bought my ps2(like2-3 years later).I am sure they are many of people that got ps2 at £200 that are waiting fot the ps3 to hit that price,people i know want a ps3 but cannot afford to spend £300-350 on a gaming console when they have to pay the rent, bills, buy food for the house..e.t.c.Majority of gamers in my collage are independent and do not live with mummy or daddy so they cannot afford a ps3. We just have to wait and see how who will win this gen(my money is on wii)and i think the ps3 will finish 2nd and the 360 3rd but it will be very close with the ps3 and 360 because most people are buyinng both consoles..e.g me.The reason why i said the ps3 will end up 2nd is because i think they are loads of ps2 owners out there that are waiting for the ps3 to hit £200 and that will not happen any time soon,and the ps3 is going for a 10yr life span which i doubt the 360 will do.

mikeslemonade3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Get the sources from the same site. VGchartz although gets bashed the numbers are ballpark and it's the closest thing to official numbers. 17.57 mil PS3s vs 24.23 mil 360s. Next year PS3 will drop price and 360 won't drop price, so whatever 360 is doing now the PS3 will switch places with it next year. PS3 will beat 360 this generation especially when Microsoft says this generation will be longer. The longer the generation last the more likely PS3 will pass 360. I can't give you an answer if the PS3 will pass Wii it's too early to tell.

Also FF Versus 13 will stay exclusive to PS3. If it was coming to 360 don't you think that they would have gotten it along with Final Fantasy 13?

Gue13603d ago

this smells like BS.
15 frames more? It's already hard to see the difference between 30 and 60 fps let alone between 30 and 45... Why would Ubisoft bother to implement this kind of framerate when nobody would notice any difference instead of refining the shaders and effects of the overall game?

The other things? In my opinion they could happen. FFXIII is already a multi-plat and Square is in very good terms with MS; they seem to love each other now...

BTW Who else finds the Kingdom Hearts story kinda difficult to understand? And the release of so many spin-off don't help the matter either... I remember when I was playing playing KH2 for the first time and thinking, WTH is happening here? Simply because I didn't played the gameboy advance chains of memories.

Now how's going to be the third KH with all the spin-off that are coming for the DS and PsP? To understand that game without playing the spin-off is going to be a real pain the ass.

Itrguy0013603d ago

KH story isnt hard to understand.... just play each game at least 2 times tahts what i did :) althou i never finished KH:Chain of Memories :( so i guess ill youtube the ending of KH:Chain of Memories

360 man3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

if u cant see the difference between 45 and 30 frames den theres something seriously wrong and sluggish with ur eye sight

EDIT: i do pc gaming and the difference between 30 and 45 fps is major. 45 fps is so much smoother

SuperM3603d ago

I think how well you notice it may have to do with the refresh-rate of your TV or something. With 60hz it will update every second frame, and if its 45 fps then sometimes it will refresh every second frame and sometime every fram, meaning slightly inconsistent.

So yea, i think its a reason why developers either do 30fps or 60 fps. Its once they go under 30 fps where you really notice it.

elorm93603d ago

I don't think Sony can overtake Nintendo. But it's much more likely that they can pass Microsoft but hey, that's still debatable

Lucreto3603d ago

This gen will not finish until all developers stop selling machines. Last gen is not finished yet as PS2 are still selling. PS3 might catch up and win if 360 goes off the market.

panasonic233603d ago

this gen is over nintendo is first ms is second sony well is last

Graphics Whore3603d ago

Sony is selling more consoles per year, I don't find that Sony will be last.


Its not over till the fat lady sings.!!!!In other words just wait till the new sets of consoles are relased then u can finally see who won this gen.But like i said in my last comment my money is on wii.

Man_of_the_year3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Thats an interesting point. "In other words just wait till the new sets of consoles are released then u can finally see who won this gen". So when and if MS releases a new console...say the xbox 720, will that mean at that moment when the console is available to the public that this gen competition is over and if at that moment the 360 has a higher install base then MS will have beaten Sony this Gen? Even if the PS3 has a 10 year life cycle and eventually does surpass the 360 only because the 720 would be out...Just a question as you made a good point. When does this gen actually end and the next gen begin to determine who came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd for this gen...

Jill Valentine3602d ago

M$ is 3rd this gen,running out of price cuts.

Man_of_the_year3602d ago

Jill you're pretty hot and i have always loved you in all the RE games and movies - however you are as dumb as they come. MS is in 2nd with about a 7+million higher install base than the PS3 which is in 3rd. But your just a Sony droid with obviously multiple accounts.

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