Famitsu review scores - June 16, 2021 - first verdict for Mario Golf: Super Rush

This week’s Famitsu reviews include the first scores for Mario Golf: Super Rush and Samurai Warriors 5.

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Old McGroin37d ago

Mario Golf gets 8/8/8/9. For Famitsu that means it's shit.

Outlawzz37d ago

Lol I would say the same about your comment.

How does one reach that conclusion? Who knows how the trolls think

badz14937d ago

this game is so inferior compared to Everybody's Golf, it's not even funny! if it's not for the milking of Mario & friends, this game would score mediocrely among reviewers! how can a game releasing soon looking worse than Everybody's Golf 5 on PS3?? this Mario game looks arguably less vibrant graphically even compared to the Vita version of Everybody's Golf Invitational! amazing!

Michiel198937d ago

I always love people who start talking shit about a game that isnt even out yet. Makes their points that much more valid.

nickanasty20636d ago

Wow true Playstation Complex at work here.....lmao... Game isn't even out yet, time to get the army and start firing shots.

NotoriousWhiz36d ago

Mario games have always focused on gameplay over visuals so your comment regarding visuals doesn't really indicate whether the game is good or bad.

badz14936d ago

yeah...because the graphics will get so much better than this when it's released very soon, right? /s


"Mario games have always focused on gameplay over visuals..."

get a new Nintendo defense material already! "gameplay" is not a Nintendo exclusive! play other games, not just Nintendo's games, and open your eyes to so many other games out there with great graphics and great gameplay. but "low effort full-priced" games like this has been their staple with the Switch and we have blind loyalist like you guys to defend them always.

Michiel198936d ago

@badz I think the game looks fine, and also a game isnt only its graphics. how would you rate Undertale a -9999/10? ATARI GAMES LOOKED BETTER THAN IT, ITS SO INFERIOR.

badz14936d ago


I'm just comparing golf games here, why the need to bring up other games just so you can prove that the low-quality graphics of Nintendo is OK?

see this:

there is a staggering 14 years gap between the 2 games (Hotshot Golf Out of Bounds PS3, 2007 vs Mario Golf Switch, 2021) and yet the 2007 one looks better and with more details? isn't the Switch way more powerful than the PS3? and stop trying to say the word "gameplay" here because the gameplay of Hotshot/Everybody's Golf games have been great and only getting better with each release. I would know because I have been playing the games since PS2, PSP, PS3, Vita and now PS4.

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