Deathloop Devs Talk Delays, Challenges, And Its Release | Play For All 2021

Despite a pandemic, two delays, and Microsoft's acquisition of parent company Bethesda,  Arkane Studios' highly anticipated mystery shooter Deathloop is expected to release September 14 for the PS5 and PC.

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JEECE43d ago

With this one I'll believe it when it's installed. This was supposed to be a PS5 launch game.

Darkborn43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I honestly believe they delayed the game twice on purpose. At least one of the delays I'm pretty sure was Microsofts decision. It's kinda weird how right after Microsoft announced they are buying Bethesda, it got delayed because Microsoft had 0 launch exclusives. Furthermore, they still had no exclusives and their competitor was launching games almost every month and right after Microsoft bought zenimax, like a week later the game got delayed again. I think the second time was Microsoft telling them to not launch it.

JEECE43d ago

Possibly. Maybe Methesda will try to use this and Ghostwire as PR moves so it looks like Bethesda isn't dropping PlayStation all at once.

43d ago
jukins43d ago

Lol you guys are crazy....both delays were before the actual aquisition was approved. . .and even so why would microsoft purposely delay the game. Regardless of if microsoft owns them or not the original contract has a year of exclusivity. And all dlc will have to be made for playstation as well with probably the same time frame as orginal exclusivity. Which means that much longer until microsoft can put it all on gamepass. . . Talk about conspiracy theory. . .not to mention legal ramifications but please continue qith this nonsensical logic

Christopher43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

*dons tinfoil hat*

All of that sounds reasonable and not at all crazy! Sony absolutely wouldn't have a major lawsuit case on their side if a company did anything like this and considering they are shown updates to the gameplay regularly.

43d ago
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sourOG43d ago

The interviewers intro and first 3 questions were “how are you feeling” and I had to turn it off lol. This is why I like dev blogs.

Christopher43d ago

GameSpot did this *way* too much on all their videos yesterday. We get it, it's covid-19. They've lived with it. People don't want to talk about covid, they want to talk about their game.

sourOG43d ago

Yeah lol. The entire world went through this. We know it sucked. First hand lol.