PC gamers Vs. Xbox 360 gamers - Bring it on!

The success of Microsoft's first person shooter, ShadowRun looks likely to determine whether Epic follow suit with Unreal III and use the Live Anywhere service to bring together PC and Xbox 360 gamers in the ultimate online battlefield. Ask any hardcore PC gamer and they'll confidently predict that years of using a keyboard for first person shooters will see them victorious when the two rival factions meet. E-sports in the PC world is continuing to grow rapidly, whereas the Xbox 360 has only recently stepped into the world of competitive gaming, so PC gamers are sure to have an advantage.

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THAMMER14271d ago

I love the fact the this is coming to light.

End1ess4271d ago Epic will react. I loved the old Unreal on the Dreamcast and Xbox and even still play it so I hope they can find a way to make it happen online. If not it will still be a fantastic game but I want to see Vista live up to everything it's been hyped to be.

dantesparda4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

i have played on both and i can honestly tell you that PC players
are tougher