Game Freaks 365: Resistance 2 Review

With the onslaught of holiday releases, gamers and parents alike will want to know "what is worth my buck?" With all of the content that is being offered in the form of a ten hour single player story, online co-op that is separate from the storyline and competitive multi-player maps that are among the best of any shooter, Resistance 2 is without a doubt a strong candidate for your dollar. If you have only one game to choose from on PS3 for a holiday gift, make it Resistance 2. It's worth every penny.

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rbluetank3630d ago

he hit the nail on the head with this review. the score is good but the words behind it makes sense. My medic is maxed out! i believe the medic is the best class. he can do just as much as the other classes and more. Medic can carry gernades,carbine,shotgun,pitol s and splicer ect... the phoenix ash is to die for... it makes me the best medic. i can save someones live and get out of dodge afterwards. lol i am the "hits" when i am a medic.