How Streets Of Rage 4's New Content Is Bringing Huge Changes | Play For All 2021

With three additional playable characters, revamped mechanics, and a new Survival Mode, Streets of Rage 4's latest DLC brings a wave of extra content to keep the old-school beat-em-up fresh.

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AlexanderHUN35d ago

Give us a release date please!

Z50135d ago

Is SOR4 better than River City Girls?

LiViNgLeGaCY35d ago

Can't say for sure since I've never played RCG, but SOR4 is very, very good. One of the best beat em' ups I've played in a long time.

Petebloodyonion35d ago

I prefer the pacing of SOR4 vs River City Girls but RVG is a good faithful adaptation of the original.

Deathdeliverer35d ago

Depends on what you like. Gameplay wise yea. SOR4 has snappier combat, a great soundtrack, and a combo system that if you want to really explore the effects moves have you can get sick depth out of it.

RCG is longer, has a better story for what it’s worth, and a lot more moves to unlock. Definitely some funny moments in RCG and it’s a fun game overall.

Graphically SOR is the clear winner.

SierraGuy35d ago

Don't pass up the takeover for a vintage SOR experience.

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VTKC35d ago

So when are they going to bother releasing it instead of just showing footage of it over and over? The game was released ages ago. People been aware of the game. Why procrastinate? Some backwards marketing going on here.