Japan Is Xbox’s Fastest Growing Market

Microsoft has stated that Japan is its fastest growing gaming market, with strong popularity for the Xbox Series S. This growth is noted to be, in a high percentage, coming from Japanese players who have never owned an Xbox before.

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majiebeast595d ago

Xbox Series X – 391 (33,657)
Xbox Series S – 156 (11,846)


Knushwood Butt595d ago

This article must be satire.

piroh595d ago

Its not satire. If you used to sell 20 consoles per week and it jumps to 200 per week its 1000% grow, they are right :)

Knushwood Butt595d ago (Edited 595d ago )

That's a 900% increase, but yeah, an increase it is!

Sonic-and-Crash594d ago

Japan will never...but never will buy Xbox massively with current library ...

though if MS is close to bring Mario (or Zelda) to Gamepass . as many (inaccurate) leakers say ...then the game will change significantly ......then yes will be talking for a completel different console

waverider595d ago (Edited 595d ago )

dude, compared to 55, 30 or 18. Did you see any number on that «news». They can say 400% increase or 800%... Their market share on japan is very, very low.

DJStotty594d ago

But nonetheless as poor as the sales numbers are, it is still a growing market for xbox.

No downplay can change fact.

Christopher595d ago (Edited 595d ago )

Fastest growing. They could sell 600 one month and that would be a 100% growth in sales. It doesn't mean they're selling more.

Edit: Let me clarify. Not more than they were, but more than the competition.

Switch 337k
PS5 92k
XSX 4k

Those are last week's approximate numbers. PS5 and Switch sold less than they did last month. XSX sold more. Guess which company had the fastest growing market in the last month?

Knushwood Butt594d ago

If these numbers are for their 'fastest growing' market, it doesn't say much for the rest of their growth markets.

And with that said, enough of my time spent on this PR nonsense.

Petebloodyonion594d ago

Christoper MS was talking about their own market
So yeah it's a big Pr spin since other regions are probably on pace with predictions and past year
For Japan going from 10 consoles to unexpectedly 200 is the place where MS registered the biggest growth in term of %.

The only real news out of this is that MS is doing better than before in Japan now will it continue or stop well the future will tell.

DazaMc594d ago

You accidentally left a "k" after the Xbox number. /s

DJStotty594d ago

@Knushwood Butt

"If these numbers are for their 'fastest growing' market, it doesn't say much for the rest of their growth markets."

No, all it means is the rest of the world markets may have a growth of say 4% year on year, if Japan has a growth metric of 5% year on year, then Japan is Xbox's fastest growing market.

1Victor594d ago

@Cris I got 2 letters for you
PR and it doesn’t stand for/mean Puerto Rico

CYALTR594d ago

I don't think it is news to anyone, most of all MS, that they have virtually no market share in Japan. There are many reasons for that, including the fact that the Japanese are culturally speaking, will support Japanese companies over foreign countries. They are very nationalist that way.

Obviously there are many more reasons, lack of games targeted at the market, etc., but the cultural reasons are a factor.

When you are starting from basically zero, any improvement is a step in the right direction.

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Silly gameAr595d ago

Just trying to keep the PR train rolling. That's all.

DJStotty594d ago


Growth not sales

In other words, sales across Europe and US, are in parallel growth wise.

Whereas Japan sales are stronger than last gen, so Japan is the fastest "growing" market.

594d ago
SirBruce594d ago

This morning a bank en Europe has made an offer to clients with 574 PS5 consoles (+R&K, 12Plus+20€ card) and it has been available for less than half an hour. Well... this has been a local thing. Compare it to ALL Japan with TWO consoles. Japan is a problem, as it has a cost to maintain presence there.

1Victor594d ago

2X faster sales means nothing when you’re base line is under 1K on a busy month 😂

The wording make it seem like huge impact but when you see the numbers it’s just a grain of sand

CyberSentinel594d ago

Probably because they can’t get a PS5 either.


Flewid638594d ago

Speed, not amount. If they sell 1 Xbox a week, that's faster than usual for Japan.


if you sell 200 where you sold 100 befor you hava an amazing 100% increase.

gravedigger594d ago

Well, few hundreds is growth, i guess

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Orchard595d ago

Growth is cool and all, but Japan is Nintendo-land now. MS & Sony are done in Japan.

Christopher595d ago

It's amazing that Playstation + Microsoft aren't even 50% of the Nintendo market there for just the Switch. That's domination, not PS4 vs XBO.

595d ago
DJStotty594d ago

"PS4 has sold close too 10m PS4's in Japan. Microsoft sold approximately 120,000."

Wait, Microsoft sold 120,000 PS4's in Japan??

1Victor594d ago

@DJ” "PS4 has sold close too 10m PS4's in Japan. Microsoft sold approximately 120,000."

Wait, Microsoft sold 120,000 PS4's in Japan??“
Yes PS4 was so hot that Microsoft had to sale them to pay for rent 🤣 😂

TheTony316594d ago

It is Nintendo Land but Sony is far from done. MS shouldn't even bother releasing consoles there.

derek594d ago

Playstation is not "done" in Japan, thats ridiculous. Nintendo may be top dog, but there remains a considerable fanbase of Playstation fans in Japan.

XiNatsuDragnel595d ago

Yeah it's an big leap I say that it's better than last gen.

bleedsoe9mm595d ago (Edited 595d ago )

They aren't just talking about Xbox hardware

lonewolf10594d ago (Edited 594d ago )

This, everyone is missing this and concentrating on consoles sold, GP saw a big boost thanks to streaming etc. too. Although actual numbers would be nice from MSoft.