I’m So Glad Elden Ring Is Going To Be Longer Than Dark Souls

As a fan of the Dark Souls series, hearing that Elden Ring is going to be much longer warms my hollowed heart. Here's why I'm happy about the news.

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Lore37d ago

Same here. Can’t wait

BigMalk37d ago

Glad there are finally devs taking cues from Celtic/Gaelic mythology too. Seen enough Greek, Egyptian, and Norse to last a lifetime in recent games.

Fluttershy7737d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Dark souls is my favorite game of all time, and the one I've played the most... Still I think the game is a bit too long. It would have been perfect till Laurel and Fatso (maybe Tomb of the giants and New londo but thats it)
You don't need a game to be super long to be a master piece, it should be long enough to tell the story it wants to tell and the experience it wants to share

37d ago
toxic-inferno37d ago

I do agree that we could definitely do without another rushed mess like Izalith.

But more Souls gameplay is generally a good thing!

Duke1937d ago

Sure, but how many "longer" games are just empty areas of fluff to add space/time?

Im excited as hell for Elden Ring as a souls fanatic - but bigger doesn't always mean better

VerminSC37d ago

I thought they said it was 30 hours for main story. Isn’t that pretty much like all souls games? Not hating I’m a huge fan, but I thought 30 was pretty standard.

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