Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 to appear at Xbox Games Showcase Extended

Ninja Theory has revealed on Twitter that Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 will be shown at the Xbox Games Showcase Extended on June 17.

Jericho1337840d ago

Probably no actual gameplay but still excited as hell. One of my most anticipated Xbox games alongside Fable.

Obscure_Observer839d ago

"One of my most anticipated Xbox games alongside Fable."

Yeah! Mine too. I heard that they shift the development towards UE5.

I don´t care if they don´t show actual gameplay today. I just want this game to be as good as possible.

RaidenBlack839d ago (Edited 839d ago )

They should've went ahead with the development utilizing their highly customized UE4.2 and release the game sooner. It was bound to look pretty good.
And then start work on their next project using UE5 from ground up.
Senua I was already a pretty good looking game.
UE4 to UE5 transition for a large game with extra dev customization will take time and then there's also time required for optimizations and further bug fixing and QA testing.

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DJStotty839d ago

I think it will be gameplay, we saw a full trailer last year.

Will either be some in-engine gameplay, or a gameplay trailer

F0XH0UND922839d ago

Just watched it. There's actually no gameplay whatsoever.

DJStotty838d ago

I watched it too, glad you tuned in.

Disappointing there was no gameplay, but nonetheless still showed a few snippets of in-game action which could be representative of the final product.

Still looks good though, exciting times :p

darthv72839d ago

It wasnt game play but more a montage of wire frame and live action and the stuff thats going into making the game currently.

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DOMination-839d ago

All of the games will have a presentation similar to how FH5 was shown so there will be a mix between some gameplay and discussion on mechanics. Not quite "deep dive" territory ala State of Play but think bitesize versions of this.

SullysCigar839d ago

Great, but how is this news when IGN told us on N4G 3 days ago?


gamer7804839d ago

This talks about showing footage of the game where the previous mentioned only conversations with devs.

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I Hope Hellblade 2 Is As Impactful For Me As The Original

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Workshyskiver97d ago

Same, but I think it will be very hard to capture the magic of the first one. It hit so hard and I don't know if the same feeling can go across to a new game.

z2g97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

I like to keep my expectations low for pretty much everything. if you put too much hope on an upcoming release, you will almost surely always be disappointed. It's not different than overhyping a game publicly, just internally.

That being said, I am looking forward to this title and seeing more. What I've seen so far surely looks extremely impressive, and intriguing, but that's all the more reason I don't wanna put too much energy into it til its closer to launch.


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rlow1113d ago

This game looks incredible. Loved the first one, the story was good. I’m curious to see where they take it.

potatoseal112d ago

Yeah the story was really good in the first one and I have no doubt the story will be great in this one too. I just hope they can improve a lot on the gameplay side of things this time around, more specifically the combat.