Pete Hines Dives Into Starfield And Redfall | Play For All 2021

Pete Hines joined Tamoor Hussain and GameSpot to give details about Bethesda's upcoming games. From Starfield to Redfall, Pete explains Bethesda's work philosophy and his thoughts on Xbox Game Pass.

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Christopher41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Pete Hines is the yin to Tood Howard's yang in Bethesda, IMHO. I really respect him and what he does in the industry. If he got more directing power at Microsoft, I think that would be what's best for the company as a whole.

Re: Playstation Fans

"Sorry. All I can really say is ‘I apologize’ because I’m certain that’s frustrating to folks. But there’s not a whole lot I can do about it."

We honestly can't expect more than this, but that it's said means more than just trying to only focus on what the benefits are rather than what they gave up to get those benefits.

waverider41d ago

They were bought and what can he say? With that they lost maybe more then 60% of their buyers on consoles.

Christopher41d ago

Look, I agree they can never forget the fans they lost in this decision. But, for $7.5b and the happiness of the suits who own Zenimax who then own Bethesda, there really isn't much more they can do other than apologize.

No matter what happens, Microsoft owns their IP, their studios, and the like.

The best they can do is remember what they gave up to get to where they are. While Hines and Todd mean a lot, it's unlikely they could have stopped the sale (though, they could have generated a lot of negative atmosphere around it).

What can they do other than apologize? Leave and start a studio making new games while they see others making their old games? Decide to have no say? Abandon those they've worked with for 20+ years?

Obscure_Observer41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

To Sony:

You reap what you sow.

You denied Xbox fans many games, even DLC´s. Even now, with FFVII Remake, Forspoken or (now) MS in-house new IP´s like Death Loop among others, giving your fans the (false) impression that you could do anything to anyone without facing consequences. That MS would release any and every Xbox game in your platform because, you know, all that talk about "Xbox is failure and soon will turn itself into a third party developer for Playstation".

You see, you would strip Xbox fans from Starfield if you could given the chance. It had to stop. Now you know that Xbox is serious and will fight in equal grounds. Playing by your rules.

Sad times for Playstation only fans regarding Bethesdda games. But it is what it is. Business as usual.

Play time is over. Gloves off.


waverider41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Dude, but i have no doubt that Microsoft will be a 3rd party studio. I hope many are ready for that. The moment they went with services it was settle. There a lot of rumors with Nintendo getting GP and is just a matter of time. Its all about making money and nothing more. its business, like you told and there one that got more then half the market share and its getting bigger by the week.

Christopher41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

To Obscure_Observer:

Perhaps realize that all of the companies do this and acting like one doing it is worse than the other puts you in that "box" of people that we wish didn't exist because it's pretty lame.

Also, why are you taking your gloves off? Did you orchestrate Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda?

***You see, you would strip Xbox fans from Starfield if you could given the chance.***

No, almost all of them wouldn't. You just think they would so you can feel better about the situation. You act like these people are behind the acts of these companies, driving them. They're not. Most gamers want others to be able to play these games.

Elda41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

You do know there are PS4/PS5 owners that are not bothered by Bethesda not having their games on PS anymore including myself. Sure I enjoyed Doom 2016 Eternal not so much,I enjoyed Dishonored 1&2,The Evil Within wasn't bad & I enjoyed the Wolfenstein games the rest of their games I had no interest in. If they never release those games on PS consoles again that's not going to make me go out & buy an XB just to play some 3-party/multi-plat games that are now exclusive to I'm quite sure there are others that feel the same way.

darthv7241d ago Show

@Elda Obscure's comment isn't intended for you. It's for the fanboys that praise Sony for making exclusivity deals while criticizing Microsoft for doing the same thing.

If you aren't bothered by any of this, carry on with your day.

Elda41d ago

@Logicwins You're his PR manager? Well this comment is for you...just know I will make any comment I see fit as long as I'm not personally attacking anyone or being disrespectful. Now you carry on with your day.

Jericho133741d ago

Ironic that Sony tried to do an exclusive deal with Bethesda for Starfield before they were bought. As we know, it’s business. Sunset Overdrive 2 could well be a PS5 exclusive.

-Foxtrot41d ago


What the f*** are you on

It’s sad because you are enjoying the fanboy drama over anything else

If you want to play that game you could go far back to the 360 with Microsoft’s exclusive deals

Oh but no no, I bet you were very quiet back then

41d ago
oldenjon41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I could see some of the talent at Bethesda eventually leaving and starting their own studios because of this. It's a good thing for Microsoft but it sucks for Bethesdas games to be reaching a smaller audience. The other possibility is that these games end up going multi-plat, which is very likely IMO.

Fluttershy7741d ago

Yeah is great. Exclusives are great. Sony have exclusives of their own, and now Xbox too, competition is great... I'm happy, if this keeps happening we won't hear the "It doesn't affect you if I can play it on Xbox too" argument anymore


"I'm gonna have a good laugh if these Bethesda games only sell 4 million compared to all they would sell when they were multiplatform"

"It's a good thing for Microsoft but it sucks for Bethesdas games to be reaching a smaller audience."

I'm curious, why aren't these same concerns levied for Sony and Insomniac? Surely Sony was aware that releasing Spiderman and Rachet & Clank Rift Apart on Xbox would be more profitable for them. Surely Insomniac wants as many people as possible to play their games.

Microsoft is a trillion dollar company that could buy Sony multiple times over. If Sony could withstand the revenue blow of keeping their games exclusive, then why can't Microsoft?

WeAreLegion41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Sony doesn't buy out major publishers just to remove previously multi-plat series' from other platforms. That's a completely sociopathic thing to do.

Teflon0241d ago

"I'm curious, why aren't these same concerns levied for Sony and Insomniac? Surely Sony was aware that releasing Spiderman and Rachet & Clank Rift Apart on Xbox would be more profitable for them. Surely Insomniac wants as many people as possible to play their games."

Because you're using a example that's not an example. Insomniac has BY CHOICE made PlayStation exclusives for over 20 years. WTF does that have to do with buying like 15% of the industries publishers, mind you I don't actually care as outside of doom I didn't play any of the games they make. But if Insomniac chooses to make PlayStation exclusives and Sony has always let Insomniac choose on that. What does that have to do with anything?
Insomniac was offered to be a part of playstation for like 15 years and declined and Sony respected it. Naughtydog took the offer though as they were like first party teams anyways. Insomniac tried the multiplat thing and it didn't work out. They tried going to MS and it didn't work out. They went back to Sony with Ratchet 2016 and Spiderman and returned to being a big success then decided on their own to be under Sony's wing.

How is that the same as MS buying the Parent company of Bethesda which means Bethesda actually had no say in this. They were forced under MS's wing and MS has all the say. But we can pretend a dev team who worked with a specific company making exclusives for 20+ years being acquired is the same as essentially going above a company to get a buyout as I'm sure that's the reason they went Zenimax and not Bethesda directly buy Bethesda from Zenimax

4Sh0w41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

OK sure Insomniac made games for ps exclusively before Xbox but they were still able to make multiplat games & or of course get paid for future exclusive games for Xbox like they did with Sunset Overdrive.
So the bottom line is Sony cut them a check & made them a 1st party studio which of course keeps ALL insomniac games going forward off Xbox, no matter how you twist the relationship the end result is the same= Thats fine its business but Im sick of ps guys moving the goal posts for Sony acquisitions as if its some BS love fest but see any move Microsoft makes as the devil. Nah, man I been around this game biz for about 30 yrs, Sony been making cut throat moves since the Sega days & they continue as they did since the OG Xbox to make deals to cut Xbox out of games and or exclusive content. Again its business BUT their only problem now is Microsoft is a juggernaut, play fair or expect them to retaliate in ways the average company cannot.

WelkinCole40d ago

lol! I would not trade ND for all xbox game studios.

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sourOG41d ago

Yeah I always liked Pete Hines.

WelkinCole40d ago

Exactly. Mad props to Pete. No bs like Todd. Most gamers are not stupid so better to be honest than making stupid excuses.

I get that they got bought. Nothing wrong with that. But saying stupid excuses insults.

Notellin39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Yeah I'd trust the PR guy who's job is to make you feel like they care over the guy in charge of making the game.

Just flip a coin and pick the side that fits your narrative.

Anyone believing one company executive over the other is the real fool here.

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GaboonViper41d ago

Really can't wait to see gameplay of this, the wait is gonna be hard.

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sourOG41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

It’s important that Redfall feels like an Arkane game because I didn’t get that out of the trailer. That was a great question and great answer.

41d ago
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