Eiyuden Chronicles Announces 3rd DLC, Free for Backers

Eiyuden Chronicles: 100 Heroes has announced a third DLC will be created after the launch of the game, that will be available to all backers for free

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DarkZane37d ago

The game is more not even coming until 2023, how about you don't start talking about DLC already and focus on the full game first?

TechRaptor37d ago

This seemed to be about helping mollify backers who were upset about Game Pass. The first 2 DLC were already committed to during the campaign.

Between funding and extra guaranteed players who can be monetized with DLC from having played it on Gamepass, a third does make sense that way.

Studios have to plan things years out, even if they aren't working on them. In this case, they are going to poll backers about what sort of DLC - so they haven't even decided that. Its just that this puts their business plans into focus over time.

DarthMarvin37d ago

Right? Not only did they sell out to GamePa$$, but now this.

phoenixwing37d ago

I don't care if a Kickstarter ends up on game pass. They're an indie studio and I don't feel at all betrayed when they're strapped for cash. I'll still be owning my steam copy so I don't really have a problem with it.

ZeekQuattro37d ago

This is why I dont contribute to crowd funded games. Well that and publishers coming in and funding the game anyway. The system has been abused way too much.

DarthMarvin37d ago

I wonder when the complete finished game will launch. 2026?