Abby is the Most Important Character in The Last of Us Part II and Here’s Why

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II was one of the most highly anticipated and controversial games of 2020.

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Christopher37d ago

You cannot understand the purpose of her role without Ellie and vice versa. You cannot hold one higher than the other without bringing the other down to the same level.

Snookies1236d ago (Edited 36d ago )

That's what makes it so great. It presents a moral dilemma for you as the player. We got attached to Ellie and Joel in the original, and the sequel decides to cast a spotlight on them. Revealing the shadows these beloved characters have actually cast. We want to root for them, and it's not exactly wrong to do so. However, it gives us a new point of view, and information that skews what our perception of the original actually was. It's brilliant, and a leap of creativity that's been long overdue in the wider world of game development.

TheOpenWorlder36d ago

Yeah, seeing her play golf with Joel as he dumbassedly walked into a room full of strangers which was completely out of character was a "leap of creativity" I never saw coming. So bold, so brave...

FreeFallFrenzy36d ago

I didn't like Abby because the writers never made her understand that her father dying was her fault, not Joel/Ellie's fault. She was the one who selfishly told him that she would choose to die to save humanity. All well-knowing that Ellie wouldn't have a choice in the matter. Her father would then go on to try to end Ellie's life "for the greater good." Joel did what he had to do to save his "daughter." Now, Abby was a kid when this all went down and kids say what they say, but she should have had the epiphany about this and never did.

Snookies1236d ago (Edited 36d ago )

@TheOpenWorlder - Oh here we go with that sad excuse again. So I'll try it in all caps so it might actually get heard. JOEL LITERALLY DID THE SAME THING TRUSTING STRANGERS WHEN HE FOLLOWED SAM AND HENRY IN PART 1. This is a character trait Joel had since the first game. He trusted him without knowing what to expect following him back to his base. Show me evidence that Joel's decision in Part 2 wasn't part of his character. And I will gladly admit I was wrong. I'm fairly certain that you can't. Because it IS in his character to do what he did.

This is like the "go-to" hater comment for this game, lol. And it's just flat out false. Acting like Joel has never done that, or never would do that. People need to go replay the last game, because they clearly missed some important character defining moments throughout it. Ones that absolutely make perfect sense in the sequel.

36d ago Replies(2)

Lol, no shit. Anybody who rebels against Abby’s inclusion is completely blind to what the story is intentionally doing to them: it challenges your perceptions.

Everybody felt basically the same after the first part, because we were supposed to. Definitely plenty to discuss in terms of character decisions, but, ultimately, we as the player would NEVER let Ellie go.

Now, for part 2, all they did was complicate that decision. I love how I am still chewing on the story mentally. It’s not a “fun” story, but it is a great story.


Lol…. Thanks for the contribution lol

KingofBandits36d ago

pfft HA and no. Go take your stunning and shove it right up your brave. Nasty token character. Nasty ass rape scene...just useless pandering.


What token character, what rape?

giveyerheadawobble36d ago

We're still talking about this disaster?

medman36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Won more goty awards than any other game that year. Perhaps the disaster is your limited mindset?

Shiore2u36d ago

The pozzed media likes thing that appeals to them. Shock.

TricksterArrow36d ago

“The pozzed media”. It also won the most “Player’s Choices” of all time. Unless you wear a tinfoil hat or only think they are legit with games you like, it is what it is.

nommers36d ago


Can you show an actual transparent voting poll? Highest shown votes that were shown in real time I mean. I don't mean what an article said for a site that they had in votes. The Playstation blog awards said they had like 2.5 million participants, but when you go to the actual results page of who won there's only 200 or so comments with some of the same commenters:

While it makes sense that there would be a lower amount in general than total votes...that is exponentially lower by a couple of leagues. If anything it sounds like 2.5 millions were that many people that may have visited the site during a certain period of time rather than actual votes.

On GameFAQS tlou2 got destroyed at around an average of 10,000 participants, it didn't even make the semifinals. Metacritic and Resetera had about 2000+ participants where tlou2 won, but you have to login to vote, which makes sense that there was fewer participants. Metacritic is arguably just as popular as GameFAQS. Each poll in Gamefaqs only lasts a day too so there would have been more votes if it lasted longer, with the percentages expected to remain about the same as is the general case for polls that have reached a few thousand votes.

The fact is it's actually quite difficult to get people to participate in a survey, which is why I question any site that says they had millions of votes if they require you to login in order to vote.

medman36d ago

Losers will be losers. The game sold exceptionally well, racked up awards from the media and fans alike, and even took honors from other developers who praised it's systems, animations, characters....keep crying folks. Naughty Dog keeps winning. Good luck with your lives though, lol.

36d ago
-Foxtrot36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Yet despite all those awards

All those big puff up pieces by journalists who lick ass most of the time

All the crazy Neil fanboys

All the die hard white knights attacking anyone for having even just a slight opinion against their own on the game

I've never seen a game like that, a GOTY game, discounted so much after such little time and they've hardly said a peep about actual sale numbers, only the 4 million at launch which is a given considering the hype on the franchise name alone. Hey I'm not saying the sales are going to be terrible or hurt Sony money wise, God no but for a big franchise like this worth 7 years of hype...I don't think it would have met what they originally predicted. The majority of the other games Sony had last year they've talked about, but the Last of Us Part II, it's just all gone silent.

JustTheFax36d ago

It's a dead game though. 909 viewers on twitch lol

36d ago
TricksterArrow36d ago

"Can you show an actual transparent voting poll?"

Like I said, when their favorite games win those polls, nobody bats an eye, but when a game they do not like win "it's biased", "it's rigged", "it's the communists". If you don't believe those polls, it's on you to disprove them. Sue if you will. They are what they are.

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VerminSC36d ago

Amazing sells and goty awards disagree

TheOpenWorlder36d ago

It had exceptionally poor sales after the first month. What the hell are you on about? Also GOTY awards mean nothing.

VerminSC35d ago


Can you provide a single source showing poor sales figures? .. Moron..

So fan voted awards mean nothing, critic voted reviews mean nothing, but everyone should listen to a handful of idiots on the internet?

_LarZen_36d ago

Best game ever made will of course trigger some.

TheOpenWorlder36d ago

I feel sorry for you if you think it's the best game ever made. Lol The Last of Us (the only canon game) says Hi.

36d ago
TricksterArrow36d ago

"The only canon game" aka. "I don't like something so I pretend it doesn't exist". Children these days... So entitled.

giveyerheadawobble36d ago

Wasn't even the best game that month.

Best game ever made. Fucking hell. This is where we're at these days.

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fitofficial36d ago ShowReplies(1)
anast36d ago

As Christopher stated, "the most" is a bit absurd. Moving forward, in the first one, I got attached Joel then had to play Ellie and because of this I ended up being attached to Ellie and subsequently their relationship. The second one was similar for me in a way. While I didn't get into Abby the same way, I got attached to Abby's relationship between her and Lev, which ultimately formed an interest in Lev. The 2 games (combined) seemed to be a representation "the" processes and symbols of relationships during crisis. In the end, I emotionally sided with Ellie, Tommy and Joel because of history, but I wouldn't mind playing as Abby again or even an older Lev.

TheOpenWorlder36d ago got emotionally attached to anything related to Abby? Wow. I don't think I have enough lack of brain cells for that honestly. The whole Abby/Lev thing was a blatant rip off of Joel and Ellie's relationship. I also doubt Joel took a bat to an innocent person in the face in a room full of strangers.

Lexreborn236d ago

lol did you just call Joel Innocent? REALLY? I get that you guys hate the fact Joel was killed. But, the lengths some of you go to to attempt to crap on others enjoyment and things you say is wild. You lost braincells reading his comment... But, you call Joel Innocent who shot an unarmed doctor in the head and massacred a whole group for his own intent and you think that's innocent?

Man the haters of LoU2 have gone way off the deep end.

TheOpenWorlder36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Yes, REALLY? oh wow. the shock an appall by you to only not explain what exactly you think Joel is guilty of...go ahead, I'll wait. Just stop sucking on Neil Cuckmann's teet first.

TricksterArrow36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"you got emotionally attached to anything related to Abby?" Some people have different opinions and POVs. Doesn't mean they have "a lack of brain cells", spoiled brat. Commenting and hunting down anyone having a positive view on the game... Can't handle someone liking something you hate? You sound like... You know: psst, a SJW. Suck it up.

"I also doubt Joel took a bat to an innocent person in the face in a room full of strangers." He admitted having took part in the Hunters faction, the one that kills innocents, including families, for their shoes. Tommy left him behind because "he had nightmares about everything that Joel did". This was on the first game. Even Ellie sounded disappointed when she knew. You are dense.

anast35d ago

This must have been hard on you. I am sorry for your loss.

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