GTA Online for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Will Shut Down on December 16, 2021

RockstarGames writes: As we continue to move forward with updates and support for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto Online — as well as prepare for this Fall's launches of the new expanded and enhanced versions of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand...

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UnSelf37d ago

that means the ps5 version wont be shut down until 2030

TheRealTedCruz37d ago

Can we just get GTA 6? I'm 29, and the game released when I was just leaving college. It was a birthday present given to me for my 21st birthday.

northpaws37d ago

I am really sad that the success of these online games delaying some of my favourite games, such as GTA Online delayed GTA 6, and World of WarCraft delayed WarCraft 4... -_-

Father__Merrin37d ago

Sadly these gaas titles make so much money its suicide to make it all anew. I'd love to see a new GTA or a new Rainbow 6 that isn't online only/battle pass etc but I don't think it's coming

TheRealTedCruz37d ago

I miss gaming from when I was growing up. Before DLC was a thing.
Give me finished games, and the odd expansion pack.

Father__Merrin37d ago

@ted I hear ya, ps2 xbox game cube dreamcast all complete games. Even os360 at least during the earlier years it was mostly complete games on disk this is all gone forever now.

PS I also miss the manuals

RedDevils36d ago

It all start when M$ trying to compete with paying exclusive deal to third party developers and Sony start following the trend, and the rest was history.

Taero37d ago

I was playing it when my first kid was born, he's starting second grade now :/

EoCx37d ago

Man, I'm trying to read about game articles not have an existential crisis.

Profchaos37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Yeah I know the feeling I was 18 standing in line for a midnight launch of GTA IV then again at 23 for GTA v but here I am now in my 30s and the only rockstar release over all these years is rdr2

I hate that online became the priority. Rockstar being the perfectionist they are also means ultra long dev times.

If online wasn't planned for things like rdr2 where it's there but not as popular as GTA online we might have seen quicker Dev times on more games

King_Noctis37d ago

Rockstar from the past would have already given us GTA 6, Bully 2, Midnight Club 5, and new and quirky games like The Warriors.

Rockstar of today bow down to Take Two and their corporate wish.

Gamer7537d ago

It's a shame that they didn't continue with the Midnight Club series

TheRealTedCruz36d ago

I definitely would love to see a Bully 2, but I can't even remember how many times I've played through the Warriors. I feel like every weekend a friend and I would stay up all night playing through it.

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VerminSC37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

GTA online is the worst thing to happen to GTA. It’s allowed the company to release 1 game a generation instead of every 3-4 years. They make so much money off GTA online that they don’t bother with single player experiences. Apparently fulfillment or pride in your work isn’t enough for them to make new games.

The last GTA came out 8 years ago

GamerRN37d ago

We didn't even get a GTA last generation...

ToddlerBrain37d ago

We’re getting the same GTA for a third too…

Inverno37d ago

When you really think on it it's very disappointing. The PS2 saw GTA3, Vice, SA, BULLY, and 2 Manhunt games(?). The. PS360 gen saw Midnight Club, GTA 4\5, RDR, L.A. Noire, Max Pain 3. The PS4Bone saw RDR2 and that's all I think. Even the PSP got 2 GTA games. I appreciate that when Rockstar makes a game they go above and beyond with polishing it but they've definitely gotten less diversed in their library.

They aren't the only dev either. So many devs made some crazy things back during the PS2 gen that once we moved on to the HD era went into making one game and a couple sequels for the entire gen. GTA online isn't really to blame, this whole started with HD

D3TH_D33LR37d ago

So can we port our characters again soon? Pc gaming now but I’ve got a level 300 character with millions in property and cars left on my PlayStation acct

Profchaos37d ago

Nope no word on this but I hope they enable it unfortunately given how rampart cheating is on the PS3 gen it's probably unlikely as they would enable all those players to get away with stolen $ via glitches that remain undetected.

cammers199537d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Who cares? Gta online killed this franchise. It's sad and pathetic. We used to get alot of gta games now it's just online content. Ps2 era got five games, ps3 era got a few and ps4 era got nothing just ports.

I'm so tired of online killing franchises. Fallout 76, elder scrolls online, gta online all spell trouble.

DOMination-37d ago

FO76 and ESO weren't developed or supported post-launch by Bethesda Game Studios Maryland
A lot of the GTA Online content is not developed by R*North but instead R*Dundee/London

So whilst I get the point being made, it shouldn't really be stopping the main devs from creating.

Axecution37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


Yeah I'm 100% confident Rockstar North has been working on something. I honestly hope it's something other than a GTA game. Bully 2 <3 or a new IP. In any case it's gonna be amazing whatever it is.

Their games take forever to make. Not sure how long Red Dead 2 was in development but... I'm sure they need time lol

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