HexGaming Hex Rival Touts A $249.99 PS5 Controller And eSports Advantages Over Sony's Unit

$249.99 vs $69.99 for a Sony controller but if you are looking for ESports advantages.

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svoulis41d ago

This is criminal, they are taking already existing components that cost roughly 60$ in total to purchase, putting them on a 70$ controller and charging 289$ for it. Jesus, you can find those EXACT back buttons on amazon for 30-40$.

Garethvk41d ago

I am waiting for Evil Controllers to get theirs out as it will be interesting to see their units. But for me; the default Sony Controllers are more than enough. I have tried all those modded ones and honestly I do not see much difference and find the extra buttons and such a distraction as I do not like to pre-set configs and such. I just play with a default. Now if I was in a competition and needed and edge perhaps but many of them are paid to play with certain gear so that to me invalidates it as it is not something you are playing fully by choice.

svoulis41d ago

If you really need back buttons and aren't afraid to remove 4 screws and a couple cables you can buy that exact back plate on amazon for like 30$ lol. I'm not even sure what they are doing is legal. If you're curious I believe the part is called "eXtremeRate Black Programable Rise Remap Kit for PS5 Controller"

CrimsonWing6941d ago

Lmao, ok. I’d rather buy a bunch of games for that price. Good luck!

Garethvk40d ago

Exactly; Game, set, match.

40d ago
AnnaDea40d ago

Who the fuck pays 250 dollars for an ordinary controller?

Garethvk40d ago

Xbox Series S is only 50.00 more and comes with a controller.


Shit ordinary or extraordinary I'm not paying $250 for a damn controller.

Fluke_Skywalker40d ago

If anyone buys that they genuinely have more money than braincells.

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