Online E3 was an experience, but was it a good one?

E3 is supposed to be a showcase of games and demos, and while those were there, the experience never really felt like a true event.

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Levii_92654d ago

I agree .. totally and utterly hype-less event filled with mediocrity that was poorly paced for the most part, filled with overly long dull traliers, cgi traliers, mobile looking unexciting games (ofc there are a few exceptions as there are always) and only one true “bombshell” announcment and that was Elden ring’s actual existance followed by BOTW 2 (but that aiming for 2022 release window is concerning IMO)

When did people start accepting mediocre unexciting announcements soo much and declare that was enough and ohhh that one thing saved the entire E3 for me ! I mean really ? Remember when E3 was HYPEEEE and full of suprising announcements from everyone and it was truly like christmas for us gamers ? How does this one feel for you ? This to me feels like it’s one or two days after christmas and your parents totally forgot about the presents and had to scrounge up some stuff from stores that are almost completely sold out left with shit that no one needs.

Ohhh but look everyone! Kazuya is in Smash in an obligatory Smash announcement video that could easily have been at it’s own direct (as it was with most of Smash related shit) only there to pad out the time to reach at least 40 mins cause we have barely anything to show. Ah just what i always wanted for my Switch. E3 is saved.

Obscure_Observer654d ago (Edited 654d ago )

The vast majority of Xbox, Nintendo, Mobile and PC gamers, E3 2021 was AWESOME!

Also, you can ask THEM:


annoyedgamer654d ago

Are they implying that most of us had a different E3 experience in the past?