Disney Let Ubisoft Massive Make a Star Wars Game After a Meeting About Its Avatar Game

IGN : Disney was convinced to let Ubisoft Massive make an open world Star Wars game after its first meeting with the developer – a meeting which was actually to discuss the Avatar game, Frontiers of Pandora.

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NecrumOddBoy42d ago

I'm sure this game will be fine but on the grand stage, why the hell did Disney invest into Avatar? It's not that good.

Fishy Fingers42d ago

Its the highest grossing movie of all time, love it or hate it thats some brand power.

Sgt_Slaughter42d ago

The 3D hype managed to do so much for that movie, I don't know how well the sequels will do since special effects have made many improvements since 2008. Many didn't even enjoy the story/plot, and as time goes on that "brand power" loses luster.

PrinceAli42d ago

People in 2021 do not care about Avatar.. this would have been relevant back in 2010-2012 but 2021 its stupid

Fishy Fingers42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Sequel is out next year guys, 3rd in 2024, you think any game development discussions were based around riding on the originals coattails alone? It would be to coincide with the continuation and future releases of the franchise.

metalhead42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Avatar is a great investment because it sells in a similar fashion that Budweiser does to the beer industry: a lot. It might be pisswater in terms of content, but since it appeals to the mass market (Money doesn't lie), it's a wise business decision on their part.

BigMalk42d ago

The key word here is sells...

It's now 10+ years on since 3D was actually a big thing. Avatar did amazingly on it's initial success, but let's not kid ourselves on that it was a great, classic movie, or it has seen year upon year financial gain. Most people's opinions seem to be that they've watched it once or twice, and it wasn't as big a deal as they thought.

Sold would be the key word now, and I don't think today, it will be looked upon as a franchise that will make as much of a killing.

That's a guess though. May be wrong, but they let it stagnate too much for us to know if it would have been a profitable venture.

DigitalHope42d ago

Just so you know 3D was only a big thing because of Avatar (still the best 3D movie ever made). Avatar literally changed the entire TV market with 3D TVs becoming a thing.

The reason Avatar is so special is because it’s a launch point for some incredible tech and filming techniques.

James Cameron put out a statement about filming these new movies. He talked about using new cameras and new techniques to reinvent 3D. His goal is to have you go to the theatre and see him movie in 3D with out any need for glasses. He pulls this off then the 3D craze will kick back in.

zsquaresoff42d ago

Ubisoft is sure to do a copy/paste from Farcry games and add in the Ubi Formua.

-Foxtrot42d ago

Maybe judge Ubisoft on what they've made, not about what they can bullshit you in a meeting.

RpgSama42d ago

Suits don't know anything, they just show them graphs of sales and ratings from major gaming news sites that give every single AC game 9+, they eat that up.

-Foxtrot42d ago


Every AC game is “great” despite being shallow or a huge lifeless world full of repetitive missions

Then you have the fact it’s not even AC anymore

But yeah let them eat it up

-Hermit-42d ago

I don't like companies like Ubisoft getting to make a Star Wars game. It's a series you can be so creative with, but these big AAA companies don't have much creativity these days. It's basically the same copy paste games with a different skin.