SEGA's Virtua Tennis 3 On Xbox 360 Hits The Spot With Xbox Live Play And Next-Gen 1080p Graphics

The most realistic tennis game just got better!

SEGA today announced that Virtua Tennis 3 on the Xbox 360 will, for the first time in franchise history, allow players to compete with gamers around the world in Ranked and Player Modes for top scores on the Leaderboard on the Xbox Live. Virtua Tennis 3 will also support stunning 1080p graphics and a brand new VT:TV live spectator mode when the game launches.

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SuperSaiyan44905d ago

May I remind everyone that 1080p is only a resolution and there is hardly that much difference from 720p to 1080p.

fablex4905d ago

Yeh, I'm more excited about the online multiplayer (but well, that has become a standard also in games nowadays)

InMyOpinion4905d ago

to Ps3 fanboys. "1080p is the holy grail of gaming" and blablabla.

Syko4905d ago

They will still deny that the 360 can do 1080P. The folling posts will be full of BS and quite boring, Im sure.

TheMART4905d ago


This is too funny to be true. Didn't we hear the Sony fanboys cry out that their Virtua Tennis would be in 1080p (which almost no-one uses, but well), now the 360 get's it in 1080p also.

Very funny is also that a reviewer from a TV game show went to Sega's headquarters in if I remember it right, France. He watched the 360 and the PS3 version. The 360 version looked sharper, more colourfull, better physics, better framerate...

PLUS, very important, the PS3 version has NO online part. Nothing. Zero. The 360 version has an extended online part:

"Players can take part in Ranked or Friendly modes, and enter Exhibition games or Tournaments in both singles and doubles matches across the Live network. The all new VT:TV real-time spectator mode allows players to view their friends or other top-ranked players compete in tournaments, adding an all new strategy in sizing up the next opponent."

Over and over again, the 360 get's the best multiplatform versions. Why is it Sony fanboys. Why? COD3 you say it's a port (is it? These days games are made on PC's and made optimal for each seperate console), FNR3 and now Virtua Tennis. A game that is made by seperate teams, so no excuse possible anymore guys... 360 just get's the best versions, in graphics, in online capabilities. It's true, but when will they learn?

SuperSaiyan44905d ago

Extremely well said :-D A guy after me own heart.

weekapaugh4905d ago

your right mart, I mean its not like the PS3 has been out for only two months or anything...

Grown Folks Talk4905d ago

sony should have clued the devs in a little earlier about their controller and online aspects. maybe then they would actually be utilized.

TheMART4905d ago

It's not like they start making this game on devkits or PC's emulating the PS3 for a long, long time already.

Doesn't matter if it's out 2, 3 or 4 months. It should have been out spring 2006. They had enough time. The PS3 just can't deliver, it's clear as water.

And the online service of the PS3 is a laugh also. Free right. Yeah it's free but the games don't support it because it's worth nothing. ANd that's why all 360 games have online support and the PS3 has less or no support in games. Which is lame this gen

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The story is too old to be commented.