Xbox Game Pass Will Get Another New Game Debut In July

Microsoft hasn't officially revealed the debut of the upcoming Space Jam: A New Legacy but it has been confirmed to launch on the Xbox Game Pass.

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jznrpg48d ago

This is a sub seller right here

Obscure_Observer48d ago

Enough! I can´t keep track of so many games! XD

Gamepass is godsend

itsmebryan48d ago

But, wait!! "Xbox has no games!" LOL
Gamepass is great. It's like you have too many choices for less than the price of 2 games per year.

CobraKai48d ago

The argument is “Xbox has no exclusives”. If I count my Xbox, 360, and my measly One library that are backwards compatible, then yeah, it has games. At least MS showed that exclusives are coming. When Infinite, Flight Sim, and Horizon drops, I’ll most likely be buying a Series X.

itsmebryan48d ago

Do you think Sony will have a response for the 27 games that MS showed for gamepass plus what is going to be in MS extended Thursday?

I'm curious since they don't have anything scheduled. I wonder if it caught Sony off guard with so many Gamepass games.

neutralgamer199248d ago (Edited 48d ago )


I hate my comment because I also have a Xbox and I want the system to do well and competition is better for us gamers. But E3 wasn't anything out of ordinary solid B but nothing amazing

SMH. Song caught off guard like for real? You do know ratchet and clank and FF7 DLC are ps5 exclusives just in this month alone. And they have Horizon, god of war, GT7, Tokyo ghostwire, death loop and kena already announced and most of those will be out within next 9-12 months. Since launch of ps5 they gave delivered game after game yet we are supposed to be impressed that Ms showed a lot of trailers without any release dates? I am always amazed how Xbox fans will hype everything and question whether Sony can match it when in reality Ms are the ones playing the catch up game for 4 generations now

From Sony' world wide studios president himself: 12 new IP's in development and they are signing deals with new studios with industry veteran leadership

PSB: Are you able to give us a snapshot of the total number of titles that PlayStation Studios are currently developing for PS4 or PS5?

Hermen: Well, we have a lot going on right now. PlayStation Studios have more than 25 titles in development. Almost half of these are new IP. The other half, they’re titles that are set in franchises that PlayStation fans already know and love. So, it’s quite a lot

But keep thinking Sony was caught off guard when they could have had a conference if it meant only showing trailers with no gameplay. State of plays are better because they are more focused on gameplay. It's amazing that outer world 2 was announced and developers themselves admitted they literally have nothing ready for the game

By the time Microsoft can get their studios up and running and release games on every two to three year basis this generation would be almost over and with PlayStation once again having huge chunk of the market share

KillBill48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

@CobraKai - if that is the argument then they would be saying instead "Xbox has no exclusives". The point is that the argument changes based on who is arguing and when they are arguing. The goal post changes every conversation. I can't keep up with all the arguments that get thrown down.

@neutralgamer1992 - solid example of goal post changes. Conversation obviously isn't on exclusives if you are listing MS 1st party games like 'Ghostwire Tokyo' and 'Death Loop' that are timed exclusives. God of War is not coming out this year and likely neither is Horizon. MS has already pointed out they will have 1st party games dropping each quarter and that will start some time in 2022. And MS will see more than 4 1st party titles dropping in that year. MS has shown a lot of titles without any release date. And you complain about that while touting 25 unknown titles that PS mentions which many could be for their new mobile push they also talked on. Do you imagine their mobile push is not going to have exclusives? How many do you imagine they will drop?

RedDevils48d ago

@itsmebryan What 27 games? Can you play it now? Is it good? If you can answer Yes to those questions, If not I think you should keep quiet for now. Unlike that Insecure above you.

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CobraKai48d ago

MS was always the one that had to respond, but Sony won’t be resting on their laurels. Those Xbox exclusives are still in development, while Sony had already released 4 exclusives and has more coming. Also, only about 7 games were exclusives (and not all em were amazing) out of all the announcements, which means a chunk of those games are multi platform, which Sony already knows. Maybe the fridge caught em off guard? I dunno.

Chevalier48d ago

I find it funny that someone even thinks Sony has no response for those 27 games. Lol. First of all Sony is releasing games right now unlike those 27 games that haven't released yet. Final Fantasy out recently along with Guilty Gear recently just after Returnal and something new every month. Those games aren't on Xbox whereas those 27 games the vast majority are coming to Playstation after short windows of exclusivity.

Ratchet7548d ago

How long back4blood will be on gamepass for?

DJStotty48d ago

Does it matter? Either way gamepass on Day 1, and when it does leave, we buy it for discount, cheaper than the competition would have paid for it, with exactly the same play time.

There is no denying xbox gamers are saving 100's with gamepass.

DOMination-48d ago

I already have MSFS and FH5 queued for download. It's amazing that you can just sit back and relax, knowing that any future games will just be there ready for me to boot up not day one but minute one. Without needing to worry about dropping 70 on each or relying on couriers to deliver it. The built-in integrations with upcoming Windows 11 as well just cement this as the best deal in all of tech.

DJStotty48d ago

Flight stick, and steering wheel getting ordered for me ready for end of this year.

It is going to be epic.

CYALTR48d ago

Well...I like the direction is going, but when you launch many games on Day 1 these days, if you downloaded or are installing, a Day 1 patch is the first thing you have to do. This may have been resolved with the Series X/S, but that has been my experience with my One X.

DJStotty48d ago (Edited 48d ago )


On topic, nothing beats gamepass, or even comes close.

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JayRyu48d ago

I hope it plays like the NBA Street series.That would be so dope

sourOG48d ago

That game was awesome and that’s how it should have went but probably not lol. I hate basketball but I loved nba jam and street. I hate football games but I loved blitz. The exaggerated shit is the best.

ActualWhiteMan48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Trash... and F*** Lebron.

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