E3 Is a Relic Desperately Clinging to Relevancy

E3 has been the event around which the video game industry revolves for nearly three decades now, but it’s time to admit it’s a relic that has long passed its sell-by date. There will be critics of this article that will point to the pandemic as justification for this year’s inept event, but such a response ignores the very real reality that the show has been in decline for several years now – lest we forget that last year’s convention was sounding like a catastrophe, before coronavirus came in and saved organisers ESA’s blushes. The cold hard reality is that it’s time to move on.

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lodossrage646d ago

I'm going to say the same thing I said for the past 6 years.

E3 isn't needed. The ones that keep trying to tell the world it's a necessity are the gaming media that need E3 for free swag and ad traffic to their blogs and websites.

Hell even though Nintendo came back to E3, they and Rockstar have shown the world long ago E3 isn't the only way to reach an audience. When E3 didn't happen last year, did the gamers still get their gaming news and reveals? Yes, they did.

Companies put together their own shows a lot now.

Obscure_Observer646d ago

Those losers are giving Playstation fans (not the diehard fanboys) a bad name and reputation.

They´ll cry and whine over and over that E3 is dead, E3 is not relevant anymore blah blah blah just because Ryan broke the tradition of many things that made Playstation what it is today.

PC gamers are happy, Nintendo gamers are happy, Xbox gamers are happy and even mobile gamers are happy. And we can´t wait for E3 2022.

TheTony316646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

Sony stopped doing E3 before Jim Ryan was in charge. But whatever you say lol.

scofios646d ago

@Obscure_Observer that die-hard Xbox fanboys (as your self) need E3 is true , the fameus " just wait till E3 " defense words is all you guys had the last 10 years.

nix646d ago

They wasted an entire generation waiting for E3 every year. It's going to be tough to give up the addiction easily.

This year i'm so consumed by Euro Cup and Copa America... i actually forgot E3 was happening. i think i've watched 1 trailer so far.

lodossrage646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

This has nothing to do with any system's "fanboys" Obscure. Let's not act like people haven't been saying this for years, myself included. WELL before Jim Ryan took over the helm people have said that. ESPECIALLY last year when E3 got cancelled.

But since you want to make this about fanboys, Xbox fanboys are finally able to pump out their chests mainly because Microsoft has been trying to buy out the industry.

annoyedgamer646d ago

E3 sucks, and has for years. Companies used to at least pretend to cheer on the fans with it by showing of cool stuff and mingling with actual gamers on the floor but now its just a giant ad reel loaded with cringe and corrupt parasitic journalists looking for hand outs in exchange for glowing reviews. And dont get me started on the game reveals that end up being vaporware.

Levii_92646d ago

You just live in your own special little world don't you ? Delusional.

F0XH0UND922645d ago

What an ignorant and clueless comment. Conveniently leaving out that PS gamers are happy. PS gamers are just so upset that were already seeing a constant stream of AAA, critically acclaimed, and next gen games while Xbox fans are jumping up and down at pre-renedered trailers with no gameplay during their 6 year game drought. What has gaming become nowadays that actual nextgen games are thrown to the wayside behind CGI trailers and last-gen games?

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Orchard646d ago

For something that is supposedly dead, I had a pretty good time watching it over the past days and look forward to next years show.

phoenixwing646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

I thought it was okay but I have no investment either way. The one good thing it does is create a time once a year where devs feel a bit forced to reveal info trailers or gameplay. As a gamer I want info trailers and gameplay.

Vegamyster646d ago

I find they're generally fun to watch, there was plenty of games shown coming out this year that I'm looking forward to.

F0XH0UND922645d ago

I suppose you're in the minority nowadays. I'd rather get a constant stream of news, trailers, and events throughout the year than one cringe long event with padded filler.

UltimateOwnage646d ago

E3 is an occasion more than an event, and I’m happy with that.

garos82646d ago

im one of the biggest defenders of e3 and always will be. its my personal christmas. this years one was beyond dissapointing. Only Nintendo made it feel normal and of course revolver digital (god bless those guys)

chronoforce646d ago

It is clear that many developers no longer want to devote the resources needed to make the show worthwhile for the wider public. Maybe it should become a less high profile event.

FinalFantasyFanatic646d ago

That and alot of developers or consoles are having their own online shows/directs/whatever you want to call them, and I'm perfectly fine with this. E3 hasn't been much of a thing for almost a decade now, it just keeps getting smaller, although I still get excited for it every year.

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