Breath of the Wild 2 Needs Weapon Breaking Compromise

Breath of the Wild's most contentious topic was weapon breaking. The sequel could benefit from a clever way to work around this without abandoning this intrinsic mechanic.

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LordoftheCritics98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Use items you collect to repair them. Rarity levels for different levels of repairs? Maybe even bonuses?

Just some thoughts.

brewin98d ago

How about just dont have the weapons break? This was my least favorite aspect of BotW. WAYYYYY too much item management. I am pretty sure this was due to them basing the game design around the Wii U gamepad. That would have made the item management aspect make sense. Then they took the Gamepad implementation out for parity with the Switch and it quickly became the worst part of the game! I wish they would have kept that stuff in for the Wii U version. I felt gipped hardcore as I had it preordered for Wii U and still bought that version fully expecting it to be in the game. To my surprise, they completely removed any trace of it! LAME! It would have made the game much better IMO.

LordoftheCritics98d ago

Scarcity adds value no doubt, makes that weapon extra special. Especially when some weapons were hitting like a truck. So here maybe if they added a system of higher repair requirements etc maybe you can still hold on to your fav weapon.

brewin98d ago

IF they absolutely have to keep this horrible design aspect, which was only in there cuz they designed the game around the Wii U gamepad, then make it like Falllout 3 where you can use the same weapon type to repair the weapon on the fly, helping to eliminate constant item management but still being there for those who like that aspect? Justa thought. As much as I love BotW, I found the item management to be way too tedious. It just felt so constant and disruptive. Definitely could be much better and needs to be!

LordoftheCritics97d ago

True. A lot of time was spent in the inventory. With all the heat/cold/cooking needs.

CrimsonWing6998d ago

I say abandon it.

I don’t see the enjoyment of having your weapon break constantly in the middle of battle. It’s about as much fun as having to constantly eat in Shenmue 3 to keep your stamina.

instantstupor98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

It didn't really add much value in my mind. You basically used what you had, or were too afraid to use the best stuff because you were waiting for the perfect opportunity to use them. Maybe they could keep it in in the beginning, but allow you to upgrade a "honing" skill so that as you progress. Worst case, your weapons degrade less. Best case, the ultimate top-tier will make it so no weapons break. Lets you feel like you've earned the right to keep your weapons.

And maybe have each weapon have more specific use cases and trade offs, so when you're juggling weapons there's some thought going into it. As it stands, in the first one I just used whatever weapon I had the most copies of for the majority of the time, while basically only using the most powerful when I had nothing else left to use. The most efficient use case felt like to use the least powerful weapon you could get away with using, so when it broke you didn't care as much and you generally had extra copies. It felt like it incentivized players in the wrong way. It wasn't so much strategic and just kind of...using what you had. And it sucked basically having to always pick up weapons all the time just to ensure you had something, and then having to stop all the time to cull through them. I really didn't enjoy this mechanic.

Nebaku98d ago

I think the only issues were just the variety of weapons, and amount nearby at all times.

Look at how Dead Rising did this a decade ago. Items are EVERYWHERE, and they almost all operate completely differently.

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The story is too old to be commented.