Everything We Know So Far About Metroid Dread

Announced during the Nintendo E3 2021 Direct is a brand new 2D Metroid title called Metroid Dread. A return to 2D, the announcement was easily one of my favorites from E3 2021. But what is Metroid Dread? Is it a sequel? A new game? What's going on here? Not to worry, as we've gathered all the data for you. Read on

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shadowhaxor40d ago

Can not wait for this. I need a new 2D Metroid in my life!

XxINFERNUSxX40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

They failed with preordering Metroid Dread: Special Edition, says out of stock on Amazon, and Bestbuy, I don't remember even seeing a preorder button. I posted direcly to Nintendo's Twitter account but I doubt they will even look at it. What I posted: "Yeah thank's again for making this so hard to pre-order. Scalpers on ebay are selling this for close to 200$+. Again Nintendo you never make more than you should. Failed again." What Nintendo thinks is enough is clearly not. Whatever amount they came to agree upon to produce should be double that or more, because in the end collector's edition of anything Nintendo will sell no matter what.

GaboonViper40d ago

Day one, love me some Metroid, hope Ninty are cooking up a proper Prime game too.

CobraKai40d ago

It’s been far too long. Preordered!

instantstupor40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Game looks solid, but I mean...holy hell. $60? Come on, Nintendo. There's no way this game cost you as much to develop as something like BotW or Odyssey. They might be the only company still creating $60 sidescrollers. So weird.

meganick40d ago

The only way that price is justified is if it includes a remaster of 3DS Samus Returns.

-Hermit-40d ago

Seen tons of games exactly like it made by indie devs on Steam that charge less than 1/3 of that.

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