Battlefield 2042 Specialists Can Equip All Weapons; DICE Aware of RPG Spam

DICE has confirmed that Battlefield 2042 Specialists can use all weapons (even launchers), and mentioned they are aware of RPG spam, and for players to not be "concerned."

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annoyedgamer46d ago

$70 for a Freemium game. The transition has begun.

excaliburps46d ago

Why? Because you played it already? Because it’s EA? Or you think multiplayer-only games shouldn’t be priced that way?

D3TH_D33LR46d ago

Or maybe just mad cuz bad too

ElCapitan00646d ago

I know I’m buying day one because BF2, 3, and 4 are some of my favorite games of all times. People who are hating on this game, even after all we’ve seen on how it looks like a true return to form, obviously aren’t BF fans.

thorstein46d ago

Mission: Spam fake Battlefield 2042 Cheats onto the internet making cheaters frustrated with the plethora of fakes ruining their cheating.

Also, anticheat software required.

The-VG-shamman46d ago

i dont think you guys realise this game is practically rebooting 1942. this sint battlefield 6, its a modern sandbox 1942. strictly multiplayer fun. however i still think that free to play will affect the games rank up system and progress speed. hopefully its not pay to win.