Mysterious Teasing from PS5's Abandoned Developer Blue Box Studio

Blue Box studio made a mysterious twitt about the title of the game they re developping with many twitter users speculating that is Silent Hill

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Sonic-and-Crash645d ago

i dont know if it is Silent Hill or no ....but the visuals in the first teaser are pretty poor ...

GaboonViper645d ago

Seriously, if this is master Kojima trolling and it really is what i think, a Silent Hill reboot, i will be over the moon, if on the other hand it is just some indie game with no relation to Kojima or Silent Hill then a massive F**K YOU, i'm holding out hope though it really is Silent Hill and will be announced soon.

porkChop645d ago

I wouldn't call it "master" trolling. An unknown or fake dev studio from the Netherlands? That's exactly what he did for MGS V. Which is why I doubt Kojima is involved, I don't see him pulling the exact same stunt twice.

I'm also not sure about this being Silent Hill. It seems like that's what they're implying, but I just don't see Konami selling the IP off. We'll see though, stranger things have happened.

dekke645d ago

well P.T dev was "7780s Studio" but anyways i dont believe its SH :P

windmill145645d ago (Edited 645d ago )

Blue box studios confirmed it is not silent hill

porkChop645d ago

They can claim that they didn't intend to mislead, but they're lying. With all the rumors they knew what they were doing.

AnotherProGamer644d ago

they wont confirm something that is supposed to be secretive lol

wheatley644d ago

Moby Dick Studios also claimed they weren't making The Phantom Pain...

-Foxtrot645d ago

I’m glad it’s not Silent Hill

Resident Evil is in first person now, I don’t want this to go the same way

ScootaKuH645d ago

Yeah but SH technically was going to go first person first. Remember the PT demo?

Capcom saw the reception that received and basically decided to copy it

Yui_Suzumiya645d ago

Actually the development of RE7 being in first person started before the Silent Hills reveal

-Foxtrot645d ago

Yeah but at least then you had Resident Evil before it’s change to first person and also they changed the name to Silent Hills (plural) which gave off the impression it was going to be different anyway

Also it was rumoured it would just be first person for inside houses and the like

Futureshark645d ago

"Abandoned = (First letter S, Last letter L). "

Not very well concealed tease if it is Silent Hill. I hope it is myself, be great to have a new one, whether Mr Kojima is involved or not.

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