GamesOnSmash: Super Stardust Portable Review

This has been one of the games I've been waiting for since they debut it at E3 08. Super Stardust HD is one of Sony's most popular titles on the PSN Network, it is Asteroids for the 21st century. I was so happy to see that they would be moving it to the PSP, but I was very skeptical of how they would make the controls work only having one analog controller, but the controls for Super Stardust Portable are very smooth and I didn't even need to bother with the default controls. The leveling up is much tighter and the speed of the game is perfect,ly suited for the psp version. The only thing that is noticeable is the graphical detail from it's PS3 counterpart and slight frame rate drops in intense action. I would have enjoyed some psp trophies and some extra modes, but this is a must pick-up for your PSP...

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