Cyberpunk 2077 Returning to PSN on June 21, Sony Warns Gamers Should Still “Expect Issues”

Cyberpunk 2077 is coming back to PSN on June 21, but Sony warns that it will still have "issues," and recommends playing it on PS4 Pro.

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RaidenBlack43d ago

The base PS4 needs atleast 5-6 more patches ...

Jolska42042d ago

The base PS4 version needs to be atleast 5-6 feet under

Hawk19866643d ago

Sony love allowing broken games on store. Ridiculous this is allowed.

Applejack43d ago

You’re obviously oblivious to the situation surrounding this game on the PS store. Unless you’re not, which would make you look even more foolish than you already do.

43d ago
neutralgamer199243d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Yeah sony which removed this game from pan allows all sorts of broken games

NotoriousWhiz43d ago

I believe Sony is the only storefront that actually removed the game, so what does that say about the others?

lodossrage43d ago


Do you even know what you're talking about?

Sony was the ONLY storefront to take it off their store UNTIL CDProject red started fixing the issues. XBL, Steam, and everyone else kept selling the game with a "disclaimer" attached to it.

It's only coming back now because CDProject fixed it to the point that it's playable now.

Bladesfist42d ago

The game was playable on PC though, sure there were a few bugs but it's not even in the same realm as the console release. You can tell the PC was the lead platform and the console versions were an afterthought.

BlaqMagiq143d ago

Funny how Sony was the ONLY one that took it off their store when it was broken. What does that say about the other platform companies?

TheRealTedCruz43d ago

I can't defend MS here, but they at least put out a disclaimer which should have informed people what they were getting into.
As for Steam, it's known the PC release was easily the best of the bunch. All the same, they also issued a disclaimer, as well as offer a return policy for all of their games.

42d ago
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lucian22943d ago

PS: You're a moron if you give any money to this garbage company and garbage game.

Yui_Suzumiya43d ago

Amazing game.. your opinion is garbage

ScootaKuH43d ago

Yeah but I agree with their opinion. Very average game with garbage optimisation

lucian22943d ago

Amazing games don't have so many glitches that it creates some of the most refunds in gaming history.

Amazing games don't have police that teleport behind you the second you do something as it completely lacks AI.

The game is trash. Stop supporting lazy devs

HansyJ42d ago

You are aware that prior to this particular game they had magic in a bottle with the Witcher three right? Like are you just gonna pretend that game never existed and that it wasn’t one of the best RPG games ever made? Strange… Now I agree in regards to this game I still haven’t even finished it because I bought it day one and it just kept freezing on me so I gave up on it until a PS five version but you’re making it sound like prior to the game releasing that this game was inevitably going to be shit which clearly was not what anyone thought

BigTuna942d ago

Witcher 1 and 2 were ass. You couldnt tell me what went on in that game unless you are a fanatic. Witcher 3 was broken and full of glitches and bugs for months after launch and many just walked from the game because it takes forever to pick up and go. Point is, they are average devs who everytime have either released garbage or a buggy mess that takes months after release to be playable. Game shouldnt of been this hyped for a studio that has a lackluster portfolio

CDbiggen42d ago

Garbage company, yes. Garbage game, not so much. I honestly really enjoyed it.

anast43d ago

When are they going to fix it for the base PS4?

InUrFoxHole43d ago

Why? What's the benefit really?

anast43d ago

I get it. They already have their money, but it's a sh#$ move if they don't.

garos8243d ago

because its sold on the console. you must come from the same school of thought that last gen games dont hold back next gen

JackBNimble42d ago

If you can't play it on the base ps4 then it shouldn't be in the ps4store.
Keep it on ps5 if this isn't playable on last gen consoles.

InUrFoxHole42d ago

I agree 100%. For us it sucks. For them it might be more trouble than it's worth.

Yui_Suzumiya41d ago

Plenty of people like me only own a PS3, base PS4 and Switch.

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