Super Robot Wars 30 announced in Nintendo Direct

Super Robot Wars returns with its new 30th game entitled, Super Robot Wars 30. So far, the trailer featured some of the mecha animes that will appear in the game such Gundam Zeta, Combattler V and more.

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Petebloodyonion654d ago

And of course, this game will not come here because of licensing issues, instead, we have crap like Tony Hawk remaster.
I will need to import it just to have my fix of MAZINGER Z and Getter Robot if they have again the English translation.

As for ppl missing on this here's Super Robot Wars T (on Playstation4) Mazinger Infinity final attack ( admit that you just want to go outside yelling ROCKEEEEEEEEET PUNNNNNNNNH!)

AlucardChristian654d ago

it'll come to asia... hopefully with english subs so there's that. yeah, i just hate it that fans from the west don't get to enjoy it easily and would need to import it.

Eidolon654d ago (Edited 654d ago )

Leave Tony Hawk out of this or explain. Learn Japanese if you're going to be weeb dissing other games because you can't get an English translation.

Petebloodyonion654d ago (Edited 654d ago )

I don't really have a problem with Tony Hawk but it was the game that was played instead of Super Robot wars
So while they get a new Installment in this franchise well we get a remaster.

As for Super Robot Wars, it's probably the biggest franchise (same level as Final Fantasy in Japan) that has (almost) never came west due to licensing issues (the series has been around for 30 years).
Basically, picture the Super Smash bros of Saturday morning cartoon in a fire Emblem setting.
The closest we had to the Super Robot wars experience was Project cross Zone on Nintendo 3DS a mash-up of Sega, Namco, and Capcom characters (it's totally worth it) made by the same ppl.