Why I ditched WoW for Final Fantasy XIV

The first of a new series where former World of Warcraft player, Karl, begins playing his way through Final Fantasy XIV.

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Spenok46d ago

Because XIV is a significantly better game.

Snookies1246d ago (Edited 46d ago )

As someone that started MMO's with WoW and actively played for over 10 years... This is true. FF XIV is a significantly better game in just about every aspect. There are still a couple of things from WoW that I prefer from a game design standpoint. With that being said... In terms of music, story, graphics and depth of gameplay, FF XIV is king of the MMO genre.

Teflon0246d ago

Because it's literally a better game. People play wow over it now only because it's wow and was here for 20 years. Final Fantasy XIV single handedly made me finally see what's fun about MMO's

46d ago