Battlefield 2042 Map Comparison From Past Battlefields Revealed, Different Time Concepts Explored

DICE has shared images of Battlefield 2042 map comparison images to past BF games that show large each map is! Different time concepts explored before the studio decided on near-future 2042.

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TheRealTedCruz40d ago

First time I've been legitimately excited for a BF game in years.

LordoftheCritics40d ago

Only game of this year that I am genuinely excited to play. Everything else feels filler.

excaliburps40d ago

Same. I have a hunch it'll be good. It's like they're building on BF4 and making it bigger, have more of everything. I'm OK with that if that's their goal. xD

JEECE40d ago

Gameplay looks good, but the "seasons" and "specialists" system concerns me that mtx are going to impact gameplay. For all the issues the game had, at least BFV's mtx were cosmetics.

Nitrowolf240d ago

yep, I'm worried about MTX also so hoping it's all cosmetics. I think they addressed a lot of the specialists concerns today, least to me it sounds good.

Teflon0239d ago

Why would seasons worry you? That's literally like how they use to release DLC, it's just that now it's free and in seasonal time frames which isn't really any different.

They already explained the specialist is essentially a piece of your kit and you can just build around it. Like a gadget, it's basically a class system that isn't as limited under a new name.

JEECE39d ago


I guess my worry is that each season they'll keep releasing new specialists that you have to pay for a pass to get, and that even though you can still play with the old ones, the newer ones will have better gadgets/abilities that unbalance the game. This isn't a straight up pay to win situation, but it trends in that direction.

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