Bethesda's Todd Howard on Leaving PlayStation Behind: Being Able to Focus Will Make for Better Games

Bethesda's Todd Howard commented on leaving PlayStation behind. According to him, being able to focus will make for better games.

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Christopher648d ago

Better Games > Respecting Fans

Just accept it for what it is. Nothing you can say will come off as other than obviously leaving fans on a platform (possibly two with Switch) behind after supporting them for so long.

Alexious648d ago

I think of it more as looking at the upsides of the deal. Of course, creators would always like the games to be available on all platforms, but focusing on less platforms does bring some inevitable benefits.
Plus, I have a feeling that Game Pass will eventually pop on other platforms.

Christopher648d ago

My point is you can't obviously do that. There's nothing you can do or say that erases what you did to get that.

And, this is Todd Howard. He had a lot of say in the move to Xbox. It's not some senior engineer or random designer. So, we can't act like he would always like the game to be available on all platforms when he had that and they were making a lot of money doing just that.

Maybe all the Skryim port memes got to him?

DaveZero648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

It's beggining to get really strong that other platforms such as Nintendo and playstation may not be able to say no to the business it could bring.

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Christopher647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

***Why would this even matter to him? He doesn't give a fuck what happens to PlayStation and Nintendo. His point of view is the sooner they go out of business the more money he can make.***

You do know this is Todd of Bethesda, right? The guy who has made more money off of Playstation for many of their PS4/XBO games, including ESO where they make the most money?

And, you're also admitting that he doesn't care at all about his fans, which is my point?

***It's beggining to get really strong that other platforms such as Nintendo and playstation may not be able to say no to the business it could bring.***

Nintendo prints money faster than Microsoft and Sony in the gaming arena. And, Microsoft can put their games on more platforms any time they want just like Nintendo and Sony. No one is stopping them.

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darthv72647d ago

Bethesda has had a longer working relationship with MS than they have with Sony. And now that relationship is a partnership. Partnerships come with decisions that many may not like but they have to accept.

FPS_D3TH647d ago

I’ve been saying it forever now game pass will be on PlayStation in 2-3 years

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neomahi647d ago

Developers are always going on about having as many gamers as possible play their games and thats their justification for going multiplatform and timed exclusive deals. This negates ALL of that and shows you its B.S. that it really is all about money, not about consumers. Its about picking as many pockets as usual because if developers are about reaching as many customers as possible, then stuff like this wouldnt happen so, no

ABizzel1647d ago

I think in these situations just being honest, direct, and moving past it is the best answer. Don't BS people like they're dumb, but say look we were bought out from our parent company, and that's that.

camel_toad647d ago

Yeh you have to look at Studios like Naughty Dog and Insomniac just to name a couple. If they originally had to make their games for xbox, PC and Playstation the quality of their games would have undoubtedly taken a hit.

It takes a LOT of time and resources when you're talking simultaneous releases across multiple consoles and PC. That's time that could instead go to fine tuning things.

I think Bethesda may actually end up with an increase in quality from all of their studios. And hopefully less bugs!

jukins647d ago

Lol Todd howard had no say in move to xbox...not saying he was agaibst it but microsoft bought zenimax which owned bethesda. Howard wasnt a board member he is only boss of bethesda..

DOMination-647d ago

Bethesda had a patchy record with PlayStation support in the past anyway.

strifeblade647d ago

Nahh Sony won't ever allow game pass to come on its system and will make their own game pass before they let Microsoft touch their system

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NecrumOddBoy648d ago

This is about money ($7.5bil) more than fans or better games or whatever nonsense Howard is spewing. It is what it is for sure so good luck. I do not like the Xbox ecosystem so I may play these on PC if they are really that good. Personally, seeing a company buy up studios instead of creating their own is a sheer kick to the face of gamers worldwide.

MadLad648d ago

Every one of the big three both acquire 3rd/2nd party devs, as well as build their own in house.

It's not just a MS thing.

Sony does it.
Nintendo does it.
MS just happened to make a big a acquisition and it made a wave in the game industry.

DaveZero648d ago

And Sony never did this..

Your post tries to make ms a villain the usual BS around here.

I don't see how a company buying developers up or making there own studios is a kick in the teeth to gamers. This is an ever evolving industry and Sony at some point will buy some up, I bet we don't hear these comments from you then.

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wiz7191647d ago

I mean Sony just bought insomniac, it wasn’t a studio they built up. Just like Sony Bend was 989 studios in the past, Sony bought them. Studios are bought and rebranded all the time by bigger publishers. How are you upset because Microsoft buy studios ??? Lol or is it that your upset Microsoft bought Bethesda ?? If Sony had the opportunity best believe the would of did the exact same thing.

wiz7191647d ago

Lol what’s even more hilarious Sony biggest studio “Naughty Dog” was also a studio that was bought not built from the ground up. As well Guerilla Games, Media Molecule, and Sucker Punch. Y’all Sony fanboys are delusional

wiz7191647d ago

Lol damn y’all hurt by the truth or nah ???

I think it’s the Bethesda thing lol y’all have so many other exclusives that y’all brag about all the time, why can’t y’all play them instead since it’s sooo many.

wiz7191647d ago

@Necrum you don’t like the Xbox ecosystem but you’ll buy into the same ecosystem that the Xbox is basically based on lol ..

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darthv72647d ago

@erratic... so you dont think Bethesda made the "vast majority" of their games for PC (DOS/Windows)? Doom started on PC, Wolfenstein started on PC, Fallout started on PC, Elder Scrolls started on PC.

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DiRtY647d ago

„Ido not like the Xbox ecosystem so I may play these on PC if they are really that good.“

Ehm, who will tell him?

Zeref647d ago

You can play these games on your phone and PC.

It's not like you lost access to these games. Unless you don't have a phone? Or a PC? It doesn't even need to be a gaming PC you could stream it..

Unlike when Playstation or Nintendo acquires someone who lock their games to the console.

Anyone can play an Xbox game.

imtiyaz6647d ago

This is basic false equivalency. None of Sony’s ips were ever on MS consoles. Uncharted, Ratchet, Infamous, Spiderman wouldn’t have existed if Sony didn’t sanction the game. Nobody is complaining about Halo and Gears, which were both third party exclusives btw, because they were games sanctioned by MS. Sony literally developed their studios by investing in the games they made. ES, Fallout, Doom, Dishonoured are historically Multiplatform titles. MS had no hand in making these IPs. Instead of making new IPs, all they are doing now is making sure they’re not available in other platforms anymore, which is anti-consumerism.

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OG_TK_Cole647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

Stop!! because both Microsoft and Sony have brought other Development Studios. Its called business. I can tell by a lot of the comments some of you guys make on this message board, than you really dont live life on life's terms. Its really kind of creepy it you stand back and look at it.

Your way to old to be this Naive on how the world works. And when you dont get your way, or things dont play out how you think they should, you do stuff, like send a DM to a developer and threaten them, or go to Review sites and leave bad Reviews without even playing the game.

This generation of Gamers are just a bunch of weirdo's. MAN UP SHIT!!!!

bleedsoe9mm647d ago

Like Sony buying Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Insomniac

647d ago
brewin647d ago

Lol you clearly haven't been gaming long enough to remember how Sony bought their way into the industry 🤣🙈 take your fanboy goggles off

DarXyde647d ago

I think when you watch the show, it was painfully clear that Microsoft needed to make that acquisition. Without Bethesda, it would have been a typical Microsoft E3—to me, that would be extremely disappointing with Forza Horizon 5 being the only thing of worth to me (Yakuza too, but I already own those on PlayStation, so not really). Zenimax was clearly something they needed. The show would've been a disaster otherwise.

Granted, I don't play Bethesda games. At all. Have never seen the appeal, but I also don't like FPS games (I do make exceptions for horror though). Not into Fallout or Elder Scrolls. Not into iD Software either, and as an FPS, of course I don't care for Doom. Not to say they're bad, but they're not for me. They are very popular so I expect people to really be rallying behind a lot of this—I don't blame Xbox gamers for being excited.

All of that being said, Howard talking about making better games is quite laughable. Bethesda is bloody notorious for their buggy messes. I can say that because I don't play Bethesda games and that is almost all I hear about (and have observed from gameplay clips). These are not isolated incidents— this is common and alarmingly characteristic of Bethesda. When they were their own people, they had some *outrageous* ideas about how to gouge consumers with Fallout 76, and he thinks being under Microsoft's umbrella and putting their games on Game Pass will help that? I'll believe it when I see it.

Fluke_Skywalker647d ago

To be fair Sony in my memory has never bought a massive 3rd party developer who already had games in development for multiple platforms and who's games already have fans on multiple platforms. Almost all the studios Sony has bought were already pretty much working with Sony exclusively anyway and were all smaller studios when Sony bought them. So it's definitely not the same.

TheGreatGazoo30647d ago

@NecrumOddBoy PC is part of the Xbox ecosystem.

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djl3485647d ago

@wiz7191 @Jedaii

Name a studio that Sony bought that was a major multiplatform developer/publisher? You can't. Comparing Naughty Dog, Insomniac, and Sucker Punch purchases to the ZeniMax purchase is asinine and dumb. Not even close.

strifeblade647d ago

Sure it was- didn't see your day anything when Insomniac got bought. So get kicked in the face.

MrBeatdown647d ago


"Hahaha! Who are these gamers who get kicked in the face when a developer is purchased at the start of a generation?? You KNEW Bethesda was owned by Microsoft when you purchased a PS5 and now you want to moan about??

Take a walk pal."

Hilarious that you're trying to spin a new generation of consoles as a fresh start, when you all know how big of a deal backwards compatibility, subscriptions, and continuity from previous generations has been this gen.

wiz7191646d ago

@Dj you have to realize at the time when ND and majority of their studios were purchased at a time when it was either develop for Nintendo or Sony. Sega was at a point where they were exiting the market, and Nintendo was at a family friendly stage. Which honestly didn’t end until the launch of the Switch, when they realized 3rd party games mattered.

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Obscure_Observer648d ago (Edited 648d ago )


"Better Games > Respecting Fans"

Fans of Playstation you mean. Not fans of Bethesda and/or their games.

Those "fans" you say would rather follow a console brand rather than the developers and games they claim to love and support.

Christopher647d ago

Nope. I meant exactly what I said. You can play the silly console war line all you want, it won't change that ESO fans on PlayStation have made them more money than Xbox and PC combined. It won't change those people who buy and play their games on PlayStation.

Last I checked, we call those fans of their games.

Look at me. Big fan of Arkane. Do I like that they're being locked behind Xbox or that Sony bought timed exclusivity? Not at all. But, I'm not at all a fan that I'll have to own a Series X to play their games when I played all of their games on PS3 and PS4. And I mean all of their games. I am a big fan of their games. I'll do what it takes, but I'm not happy that some suits made a decision that where I chose to play their games wasn't important to them anymore.

enkiduxiv647d ago

Calm down fellas. Todd has to say stuff like that now. Phil literally owns him. I would be looking for a sunny side to things to if my customer base turned into the Forza, Gears, Halo crowd overnight. Can't wait to see those deep rpg mechanics he thinks he's gonna get to include in Starfield. Probably customizable crosshairs for all the FPS garbage he will have to shovel.

neomahi647d ago

Thats already a hypocritical response. But thanks for playing.

DJStotty647d ago (Edited 647d ago )


I don't get why your referencing ESO, when that is and will always be on PS, so Microsoft will continue to make money of the PS fanbase.

But if the next Elder Scrolls (ES6) was Xbox and PC only, then those PS Elder Scrolls fans, will simply buy an xbox or get the game on PC, thus still supporting Bethesda, and Bethesda still supplying the same fanbase.

Only fanboys of a plastic box think differently.

"Do I like that they're being locked behind Xbox"

So just buy an xbox if they are not available on PS?

That is like me saying Returnal or Ratchet and Clank is locked behind Playstation lol.

Not for me, i will just buy a Playstation and play them, thus supporting the gaming industry as a whole.

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sourOG648d ago

Most of the elder scrolls fan base is on PC anyways though right? The modding community and such. Nothing has changed for them. Maybe the focus will make for a better game.

Tacoboto648d ago

Not to mention that the PS Experience has always kinda been compromised, whether due to technical issues (all of their PS3 games) or Sony's policies with mod support.

Some of these comments make it seem like Bethesda and Sony were best buds before MS took them over. If it were Sony to have come in instead, do we think for a second that they would've been allowed to make PC releases still?

Christopher647d ago

ESO online has the largest community on PS4. Doom and Wofenstein are big on PS4. Dishonored did extremely well on PS3/PS4.

This isn't about just Skyrim here. It's everything.

And, even then, they decided to ignore where part of their fanbase have decided to play. Their fanbase has supported them heavily. But that didn't matter to some suits.

Gameseeker_Frampt647d ago (Edited 647d ago )


"ESO online has the largest community on PS4." No, it doesn't. The last I heard (in 2016) is that it is split about 30/30/30 between PC, PS4, and XBox. Feel free to post some links backing up your claims because Google can't find it and as a daily ESO player I don't think anyone has thought that ESO was bigger on PS4 than PC and XBox combined.

milohighclub646d ago

Tacoboto. Seen as Sony is currently bringing their ips to PC id think it would be safe to say yes.

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Brazz648d ago

I wonder if people will follow then... like, leave PS and go xbox, or at the very least buy Xbox to play "zenimax" games.
I'm not following them, i mean... when i get a good PC update i will buy a "good Fallout", but I'm not buying xbox...

Christopher647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

I'll follow Arkane. I don't know about the rest. IT's on a case-by-case basis.

DJStotty647d ago

"I'll follow Arkane."

Surely if you follow arkane and they go xbox/pc only, you may as well pick up starfield and the rest while your at it.

alb1899647d ago

So much baby crying here like if there isn't any posible way to get an Xbox or a PC.
Bethesda now have a boss, now they are working for with it like grown man!

Christopher647d ago

Facts don't care about opinions, FYI.

DJStotty647d ago

I know right it comes across as desperate and tragic.

Last i heard, gamers bought games on whatever platform they released on.

denawayne647d ago

It's business. Get over it

BG11579647d ago

Respecting fans ? Let's talk about Street Fighter V then.
I remember that CAPCOM spured the same speech when SFV became a SONY exclusive.
Was the game better for it ? No. Was it for the fans ? No.
This is just PR bullshit.

Christopher647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

I said the exact same thing then. Do you still want to talk about it? All these whataboutisms doesn't change that companies are making decisions that ignore large parts of their fanbase. SFV, Tomb Raider, Deathloop, Bethesda/Zenimax, Double Fine, etc.

Tacoboto647d ago Show
647d ago
neutralgamer1992647d ago

It's okay because Bethesda always supported Microsoft better than most of the platforms. I just think as gamers these bigger publishers should stay independent but with the acquisition of Bethesda I feel like now all that's off the table. And he did not own Bethesda he's just an employee so the company selling itself to Microsoft I don't think he had much say in it

Every action has a reaction that's the best thing I can say about it. we know Sony will react one way or another especially if Microsoft were to make another big acquisition

AirJohnston647d ago

Why do you think they'd go X exclusive if the PS fanbase made them more money? Lol that makes absolutely 0 sense

Also making the best game possible is kinda their job so I don't get why that's being framed as a bad thing here

Shiken647d ago

Sony would have done the same thing. I have no idea why so many people are acting suprised by this.

ShadowWolf712647d ago

Sony didn't make a big ol' show of saying exclusives were anti-consumer and trying to play kumbaya around the campfire tho. MS also tried to make a big deal about how this purchase wouldn't be about "taking games away from anyone" and now it's sounding like that is indeed their plan.

It's more about the open hypocrisy surrounding this than anything. Some of the same people cheerleading this were bashing Sony for having even first-party games exclusive.

Shiken647d ago

What hypocrisy? Their games are on PC and will be available on streaming. MS has been very transparent with the Series consoles, at this point haters just see what they want to see.

Zeref647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

I think GamePass Cloud will be available through the browser on Playstation.

But this is pretty much confirming that Elder Scrolls 6 will only be on Xbox

Also It's not like Playstation fans lost access to these games. Unless they don't have a phone? Or a PC? It doesn't even need to be a gaming PC you could stream it..

Unlike when Playstation or Nintendo acquires someone who lock their games to the console.

Literally anyone can play an Xbox game.

anubusgold647d ago

Bethesda games were only on pc and xbox for awhile in the beginning of the company.

647d ago
DarkkMinion647d ago

Get an xbox and gamepass. Problem solved.

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EverydayJoe647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

Unpopular opinion here, but I personally will not miss anything Bethesda produces judging by past games. I really just don't care for Dishonored, Skyrim, Fall Out or anything else I have played.

OT for those that do care and like these games, a good equivalent would be if Sony purchased Rockstar and locked the next GTA and Red Dead to PS5. The fayboi tears would be enough to solve California's drought.

Seraphim647d ago

sounds more like laziness. The engine they're using is archaic and needed either a major revamp if possible or a completely new engine to work with.

Also, if I recall correctly, both PS4/5 and XB1/X have a similar [PC like] architecture unlike generations prior which often relied on proprietary tech like the PS2s Emotion Engine or the PS3s Cell... Having this similarity should make it easier for developers to develop cross platform games. It just reeks of total BS. Their games were once good enough, though bug riddled and often gorgeous on both consoles since Bethesda started producing console games. Outside of Bethesda I'm pretty sure any of the other studios who had multi-plat games release looked and played great on both consoles. Surely with the revenue Bethesda pulls they could've invested a small amount to ensure quality and/or simply delay the game like every other developer to ensure quality..... but yeah, I call BS and it stinks of laziness/bad management if that's how he truly feels.

4Sh0w647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

I remain consistent whether its when a dev/studio goes to Sony or Microsoft, they all say its because A or B is so great for gamers. Sure a small studio can do better by focusing on 1 platform at a time, but we know Bethesda surely CAN focus on multiple plats & still make the best game they can. Also lets stop pretending all exclusives turn out great bc their on 1 platform...but I digress the point is at the end of the day its not a love fest bc Sony or Microsoft cares more about games or gamers preferences aside BOTH let talent make good/great games & sure they have different strategies but ITS SIMPLE WHOEVER CAN CUT A BIG ENOUGH CHECK AT THE *RIGHT TIME*, GETS THE DEAL. Its business, even if you love what you do, money talks, so his comment isnt bad, its just routine PR after these types of acquisitions.

Om4ever647d ago

You are an idiot Christopher... What do you think Sony did so far ? Are you so blind ?

anubusgold644d ago

He is, sony was trying to make a exclusive deal for Starfield before Microsoft bought them. Starfield would have been a one year sony exclusive if microsoft didnt buy

Bruh647d ago

Where is the call for Insomniac's Spiderman to come to Xbox? Its only Xbox whose somehow in absolute need to put their games on every platform, but not applicable to Sony? lmao

1Victor647d ago

I don’t see anything wrong with what tod said and hope it comes to bear amazing fruits and don’t end up like lion heart remember that old BIG acquisition 🤷🏿
I feel like he’s just reading from a teleprompter and just saying empty words that he will be judged by in the near future and might regret

DJStotty647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

How are they abandoning fans lol?

Fans of a franchise, will buy whatever platform it is on, fans of plastic are abandoning Bethesda.

you got it the wrong way around Christopher.

Say if Halo suddenly just released on PS instead of xbox, or any other xbox/pc only game, i would just buy whatever platform it is available on, that is what a fanbase of a game does.

McToasty2077647d ago

When Insomniac got bought by Sony and thus was instructed to make only PlayStation games from now on was that leaving the fans behind? Cause I quite like Stormlands on my Oculus and Sunset Overdrive on my Xbox but I'll see a sequel to neither now (But hey the Ratchet and Clank looks sweet). This is literally how every purchase of a developer goes and it's weird to see people who are fine with it elsewhere suddenly having a problem with it now