Bethesda's Todd Howard on Leaving PlayStation Behind: Being Able to Focus Will Make for Better Games

Bethesda's Todd Howard commented on leaving PlayStation behind. According to him, being able to focus will make for better games.

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Christopher1079d ago

Better Games > Respecting Fans

Just accept it for what it is. Nothing you can say will come off as other than obviously leaving fans on a platform (possibly two with Switch) behind after supporting them for so long.

Alexious1079d ago

I think of it more as looking at the upsides of the deal. Of course, creators would always like the games to be available on all platforms, but focusing on less platforms does bring some inevitable benefits.
Plus, I have a feeling that Game Pass will eventually pop on other platforms.

Christopher1079d ago

My point is you can't obviously do that. There's nothing you can do or say that erases what you did to get that.

And, this is Todd Howard. He had a lot of say in the move to Xbox. It's not some senior engineer or random designer. So, we can't act like he would always like the game to be available on all platforms when he had that and they were making a lot of money doing just that.

Maybe all the Skryim port memes got to him?

DaveZero1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

It's beggining to get really strong that other platforms such as Nintendo and playstation may not be able to say no to the business it could bring.

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Christopher1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

***Why would this even matter to him? He doesn't give a fuck what happens to PlayStation and Nintendo. His point of view is the sooner they go out of business the more money he can make.***

You do know this is Todd of Bethesda, right? The guy who has made more money off of Playstation for many of their PS4/XBO games, including ESO where they make the most money?

And, you're also admitting that he doesn't care at all about his fans, which is my point?

***It's beggining to get really strong that other platforms such as Nintendo and playstation may not be able to say no to the business it could bring.***

Nintendo prints money faster than Microsoft and Sony in the gaming arena. And, Microsoft can put their games on more platforms any time they want just like Nintendo and Sony. No one is stopping them.

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darthv721079d ago

Bethesda has had a longer working relationship with MS than they have with Sony. And now that relationship is a partnership. Partnerships come with decisions that many may not like but they have to accept.

FPS_D3TH1079d ago

I’ve been saying it forever now game pass will be on PlayStation in 2-3 years

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neomahi1079d ago

Developers are always going on about having as many gamers as possible play their games and thats their justification for going multiplatform and timed exclusive deals. This negates ALL of that and shows you its B.S. that it really is all about money, not about consumers. Its about picking as many pockets as usual because if developers are about reaching as many customers as possible, then stuff like this wouldnt happen so, no

ABizzel11079d ago

I think in these situations just being honest, direct, and moving past it is the best answer. Don't BS people like they're dumb, but say look we were bought out from our parent company, and that's that.

camel_toad1078d ago

Yeh you have to look at Studios like Naughty Dog and Insomniac just to name a couple. If they originally had to make their games for xbox, PC and Playstation the quality of their games would have undoubtedly taken a hit.

It takes a LOT of time and resources when you're talking simultaneous releases across multiple consoles and PC. That's time that could instead go to fine tuning things.

I think Bethesda may actually end up with an increase in quality from all of their studios. And hopefully less bugs!

jukins1078d ago

Lol Todd howard had no say in move to xbox...not saying he was agaibst it but microsoft bought zenimax which owned bethesda. Howard wasnt a board member he is only boss of bethesda..

DOMination-1078d ago

Bethesda had a patchy record with PlayStation support in the past anyway.

strifeblade1078d ago

Nahh Sony won't ever allow game pass to come on its system and will make their own game pass before they let Microsoft touch their system

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NecrumOddBoy1079d ago

This is about money ($7.5bil) more than fans or better games or whatever nonsense Howard is spewing. It is what it is for sure so good luck. I do not like the Xbox ecosystem so I may play these on PC if they are really that good. Personally, seeing a company buy up studios instead of creating their own is a sheer kick to the face of gamers worldwide.

MadLad1079d ago

Every one of the big three both acquire 3rd/2nd party devs, as well as build their own in house.

It's not just a MS thing.

Sony does it.
Nintendo does it.
MS just happened to make a big a acquisition and it made a wave in the game industry.

DaveZero1079d ago

And Sony never did this..

Your post tries to make ms a villain the usual BS around here.

I don't see how a company buying developers up or making there own studios is a kick in the teeth to gamers. This is an ever evolving industry and Sony at some point will buy some up, I bet we don't hear these comments from you then.

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wiz71911079d ago

I mean Sony just bought insomniac, it wasn’t a studio they built up. Just like Sony Bend was 989 studios in the past, Sony bought them. Studios are bought and rebranded all the time by bigger publishers. How are you upset because Microsoft buy studios ??? Lol or is it that your upset Microsoft bought Bethesda ?? If Sony had the opportunity best believe the would of did the exact same thing.

wiz71911079d ago

Lol what’s even more hilarious Sony biggest studio “Naughty Dog” was also a studio that was bought not built from the ground up. As well Guerilla Games, Media Molecule, and Sucker Punch. Y’all Sony fanboys are delusional

wiz71911079d ago

Lol damn y’all hurt by the truth or nah ???

I think it’s the Bethesda thing lol y’all have so many other exclusives that y’all brag about all the time, why can’t y’all play them instead since it’s sooo many.

wiz71911079d ago

@Necrum you don’t like the Xbox ecosystem but you’ll buy into the same ecosystem that the Xbox is basically based on lol ..

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darthv721079d ago

@erratic... so you dont think Bethesda made the "vast majority" of their games for PC (DOS/Windows)? Doom started on PC, Wolfenstein started on PC, Fallout started on PC, Elder Scrolls started on PC.

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DiRtY1079d ago

„Ido not like the Xbox ecosystem so I may play these on PC if they are really that good.“

Ehm, who will tell him?

Zeref1079d ago

You can play these games on your phone and PC.

It's not like you lost access to these games. Unless you don't have a phone? Or a PC? It doesn't even need to be a gaming PC you could stream it..

Unlike when Playstation or Nintendo acquires someone who lock their games to the console.

Anyone can play an Xbox game.

imtiyaz61079d ago

This is basic false equivalency. None of Sony’s ips were ever on MS consoles. Uncharted, Ratchet, Infamous, Spiderman wouldn’t have existed if Sony didn’t sanction the game. Nobody is complaining about Halo and Gears, which were both third party exclusives btw, because they were games sanctioned by MS. Sony literally developed their studios by investing in the games they made. ES, Fallout, Doom, Dishonoured are historically Multiplatform titles. MS had no hand in making these IPs. Instead of making new IPs, all they are doing now is making sure they’re not available in other platforms anymore, which is anti-consumerism.

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OG_TK_Cole1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

Stop!! because both Microsoft and Sony have brought other Development Studios. Its called business. I can tell by a lot of the comments some of you guys make on this message board, than you really dont live life on life's terms. Its really kind of creepy it you stand back and look at it.

Your way to old to be this Naive on how the world works. And when you dont get your way, or things dont play out how you think they should, you do stuff, like send a DM to a developer and threaten them, or go to Review sites and leave bad Reviews without even playing the game.

This generation of Gamers are just a bunch of weirdo's. MAN UP SHIT!!!!

bleedsoe9mm1079d ago

Like Sony buying Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Insomniac