Battlefield 2042 Livestream

Gamespot : Tune in to the Battlefield briefing welcome to 2042 livestream with DICE general manager Oskar Gabrielson and senior design director Daniel Berlin.

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JEECE38d ago

If it wasn't for the fact that they seem so hard to be trying to emulate Rainbow Six Siege, I'd be pretty excited. The gameplay looks good, and I'm ready for another modern BF (unlike some I don't want them all to be modern, but it's time for one). However, I'm afraid like Siege's "operators," this BF will introduce new specialists as MTX that throw off the game and disadvantage those who don't pay.

annoyedgamer38d ago

There used to be a F2P FPS called Combat Arms made by Nexon that had specialists in them. They were basically overpowered characters that you paid for. The guns they came with were recoil less and somehow always hit the mark. It got to the point that the game was pay 2 win.

EA is likely trying to follow that model whole still making people pay $70 entry cost.

JEECE38d ago

What's baffling to me is how Siege gets away with it. It does all the things everyone supposedly hates (no true single player, seasons and passes, gameplay impacting MTX) but it gets treated as if it's this great, consumer friendly shooter.

Unfortunately there's just very little that is actually good right now in terms of shooters. It seems to be a game of finding which one is the least anti-consumer while still maintaining a playerbase that allows you to find games