S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 Will Murder Your Hard Disk On Xbox Series

S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 is one of the most impressive-looking games that was revealed at the Xbox E3 2021 showcase. The game has a beefy file size on Xbox Series.

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DJStotty39d ago

Hefty file size in 150GB, but still not monstrous, call of duty will just get moved to the external to make room for this one :p

Eidolon38d ago

It's crazy that COD even needs so much data, it's not nearly as impressive looking as other games in the generation.

Father__Merrin38d ago

It's just war zone that's the killer BO Cold War not too bad

Eidolon38d ago

Yeah, I played War Zone once in a while with my brother, while it wasn't a huge problem since I have 3TB for my PS4 Pro, it could be an issue if I had to be switching over a COD game to play on a PS5 for the enhancements.

RosweeSon38d ago

Lazy compression. Happy to add to the game but they clearly don’t take out unnecessary data and have never heard of compression. They could probably half it if they even tried

yeahokwhatever38d ago

looooooooots of sound and redundancy in COD.

SenorFartCushion38d ago

Because the game’s base is Warzone and the microtransactions, which you can’t remove because that’s where all the microtransactions are and they want you there at all times.

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Duke1938d ago

Yeah "Murder" Sounds editorialized. I feel like all new games are basically going to be 80GB+ in almost all cases - but also, why does it matter? Play it, uninstall it or move to another drive when you are done playing (this goes for ANY console)?

StoneyYoshi38d ago

I disagree. They should be capable of staying below 80GB for most games with the compression capabilities of these systems IMO.

yeahokwhatever38d ago

ps5 games are getting smaller in bytes, but bigger in worlds.

Rimeskeem39d ago ShowReplies(5)

I've got over 700 gb free on my 1tb Series X external so I'm good.

Eidolon38d ago

Yeah, I've come to a realization that 500GB NVMe is not enough on my PC, so I mounted a 1TB HDD and 2.5" 120SDD, + 4TB external, just so I can swap out games(to NVMe, 2.5" SSD), Still a pain in the ass sometimes. I wish I had that problem on a next-gen console, though.


So buy a 2TB drive or larger.

CYALTR38d ago

The issue is that BOTH machines have rather small SSD drives included with the console. In order to play the game ON EITHER SYSTEM it has to be played off that internal SSD, that currently can not be expanded. Sony has plans to enable the replacement of their internal SSD to a larger one. It doesn't appear that MS will do that. However they did LAUNCH with the ability to add additional useable SSD cards. However, they are propriety, and stupid expensive right now, especially after you have already laid out $300-$500 for a new system, assuming you can find one at retail.

BOTH systems have the capability to store games on an external HDD, but if it is a "next gen" game it has to be moved to the SSD in order to be played. The exception to this, at least for Xbox (I'm not sure about PS) is with any "last gen" games. Those can be played off the HDD. This helps as there are not that many "next gen" games out there, so it is not much of an issue.

I think it is great that PS has worked on compression, and MS should take note of that for sure. But you know what would have been even nicer? If they would work on compression AND provide a reasonable sized SSD, if games are going to keep getting bigger, and it seems that they will.

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The story is too old to be commented.