Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Run At 30 FPS On Xbox Series X/S

The incredibly popular Microsoft Flight Simulator won't have a 60fps mode when it launches on Xbox Series X/S later this year.

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ABizzel1539d ago

I figured this as soon as it was stated to be 4K. Hopefully, they offer a 60fps mode later on as well, but considering the type of game this is it's not 100% needed.

CrimsonIdol538d ago

Don't think it's the 4K that's the issue. this game is CPU intensive as hell. It's nearly impossible to get this game at a solid 60fps on a PC let alone a console. 30fps is def a nice safe goal. And yeah you can really get away with a pretty low frame rate for a game like this.

peppeaccardo537d ago

I think that like original Crisys remastered (which was supposedly bottlenecked by the CPU) a DLSS version will come out and we will live 60 fps ever after, even on weaker systems. Mark my words !

CobraKai538d ago

4K is so overrated. I’d rather have games that look movie quality at a lower resolutions with high frame rates.

Eviltattoo 537d ago

Isn't "movie quality " technically only 24fps?

CobraKai537d ago

Not FPS, I mean the in game assets, and overall image quality

frostypants537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

2K is the sweet spot IMO. Above that the difference just isn't apparent enough to justify the bandwidth it eats. However it doesn't sound like a resolution degradation would do much for the FPS of Flight Simulator. The GPU isn't the bottleneck.

gamer7804537d ago

In a game like this is rather 4K over 60fps , want to see all the detail in the cities and terrain below.

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Magog538d ago

Oof. For any driving or flying game 60fps is mandatory.


Yeah, we want to watch clouds float at 60fps! Unless you’re close to the ground and zooming past all the detail in a missile, 60fps is not going to make a difference.

Elit3Nick538d ago

Not for flight sims. They're usually far more CPU intensive than similar non-sim games, so even on PC 30FPS is the norm

CrimsonIdol538d ago

Driving: yes. Flight Sim: no. Hell, it's not ideal but you can get away with a slideshow in MS flight Sim. 30fps is totally fine.

King_Noctis538d ago

Why? This isn’t a racing game. How would 60fps be mandatory?

Magog538d ago

It's not a game at all but it still needs to be smooth to convey a sense of movement and speed.

darthv72538d ago

Oof... your lack of understanding between action based flying and casual flying is obvious. This is not a combat game, 60fps need not apply.

NoFanBoy538d ago

Games are not cinema, if you are trying to replicate real life in a simulator then the higher framerate the better.

durran3538d ago

Does this look like Ace Combat to you? I play this almost every day there is 0 need for 60 fps lol

Amplitude538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

Magog: usually I'd agree with you and say 60fps is worth it and a great option for literally anything.
But in this one situation, it does NOT matter even slightly lol this game is sooooooo slow and as everybody else has said - resources should go into other areas.

Honestly though the new consoles don't have a hope in hell of running this at 60fps lol I have an i9-9900k and a 2080 Super with 32GB of ram and I play at 30fps. I can lower settings to get 60 but only a psychopath would do that for Flight Sim lol

Magog538d ago

The game was coded poorly.

Amplitude538d ago

Nah dude. I mean no disrespect by this but: you just don't know what you're talking about here

dcbronco537d ago

Nothing's a problem until it occurs on a Microsoft console.

dbcoops537d ago

What problem? Seems some people are trying to convince others its not a problem.

dcbronco537d ago

That's my point. If this was 30fps and on ps5 there would be no complaints that it's 30fps. When games are on an Xbox console suddenly things that were never complained about before are completely unacceptable. I understand that when it comes to resolutions to a certain extent because going back to a lower resolution can be hard. But once you hit 1080p and a certain number of fps most people don't have the vision to tell the difference. But put a resolution or frame rate that maxes the average gamers perception on an Xbox console and Sony fans will complain it's not good enough. This type of thing bit them in the ass with Bethesda's purchase but despite using the dollar sign when typing Microsoft they haven't learned. Microsoft still has around 140 billion dollars because they have an extra 30 billion to spend each year after all expenses are paid. And Phil Spencer has said his wallet is still open and the CEO of the company has said gaming is one of the five pillars that the company stands on and they will spend on gaming. The Cloud is also one of those pillars and Microsoft spent billions laying undersea cables to transmit their information. Thousands of other major corporations share undersea cables. But that's what Microsoft is willing to spend on their pillars. And Playstation gamers keep telling Microsoft they have to prove themselves. If Bethesda's purchase pissed you off. Maybe you should learn to keep quiet or at least be fair. Because another ps3 type mistake and Microsoft might buy Sony the next time the marketshare drops down to 18 billion.

537d ago
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ProjectVulcan538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

Understand that however fast you think a 7 core 3.8GHz Zen 2 console CPU can be, it's not nearly as fast as a 10 core i9-10900k running at 5GHz is.

This game has been tested on PC CPUs like that and there is so much streaming going on it is difficult for a CPU to maintain 60FPS on maximum settings at 4K. At ultra quality and native 4K you need a CPU like that and you need at least a 6800XT to mantain 30FPS. A GPU considerably more powerful than any console has.

The game stresses both CPU and GPU to the maximum. On Series X level hardware at 4K you will be looking at rather reduced settings with a 30FPS cap.

NoFanBoy538d ago

Yeah it's very reliant on single threaded performance also so more cores don't help.

Magog538d ago

It's 2021. Who writes code like that? Oof.

stefd75538d ago

But i thought all the Xbox gamers said that the series X was really powerful

Om4ever538d ago

Imagine how it would run on a weaker hardware then... That I will not mention 🤣

Angyobangyo538d ago

You mean the one selling more 🤣

F0XH0UND922538d ago

It's weird that most multiplatform games look the same or better than their Series X colleagues....on the system that I will not mention 🤣

dbcoops537d ago

It would run exactly the same just like all the other cross platform games. There I mentioned it for you.

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NoFanBoy538d ago

It's very demanding and yet not optimised to take advantage of the CPU's multi cores/threads.

King_Noctis538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

It is powerful. This game struggle to play well even on high-end pc, so the fact that it runs at 4K on the Series X is saying something about the console.

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NoFanBoy538d ago

You want the power of a £3000 PC in a £450 console? Everything is made to spec for a set price.

-Hermit-537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

But it is powerful for it's price. I mean, even the most high end pc's would struggle to maintain 60fps at 4K in Flight Simulator.

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SullysCigar538d ago

To be fair, this game is a cure for insomnia - even at only 30fps

King_Noctis538d ago

MS thanks you either way for playing their game.

rakentaja538d ago

Article: "On my i9-10900K PC, I saw average frame rates of 38fps at 1440p and 33fps at 1080p. The Core i9-11900K managed to bump these to 45fps average at 1440p and 41fps average at 1080p" with RTX 3090.

NoFanBoy538d ago

You can get better performance than that but you have to lower certain settings.

Einhander1971538d ago

Yes I know PS5 is the BEAST.

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