Family-Friendly - An Xbox Weakness Phil Spencer Must Address

"If Xbox is serious about hitting 2 billion gamers, they’re going to need to serve families a whole lot better than they are right now, and there’s no better time than right now to start addressing that shortfall." ~ Star News

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Disagree, Xbox initially stood out from PS and N because they had games rated M games like Halo. GL topping Nintendo’s lineup for Family Friendly.

I feel like game pass is great for kids, and Nintendo and PS don’t have answers yet for this Family Friendly feature (and I’m okay with that).

Xbox’s weakness is that there isn’t alotta reason to buy a Series X/S outside of luxury features, which some people might actually see as a strength (but not me).

blacktiger46d ago

did you say Nintendo doesn't have family friendly, you definitley a Microsoft fan boy not xbox fan boy but Microsoft fan boy

instantstupor46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

No, he said "good luck topping Nintendo's lineup for family friendly", and the rest of their post focused on how Xbox focused on mature games. I'm not sure why someone would have to do better than the one console manufacturer almost over-focusing on family friendly gaming. You could just have some kind of representation, it doesn't have to be their core value.

Though, perplexingly, they also mention that game pass is family friendly...somehow. I mean, it's consumer friendly in terms of potential value for money spent. But there's not really much of anything in the GP linup that is 'family friendly'. I'm assuming they're also a bit gun-shy on that front, after their extreme focus on the family-friendly crowd with Kinect. It did OK (though not great) during the 360 era, and was a big factor in the slow adoption of XBO.

Christopher46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Apparently, GamePass is a cure-all for every issue that pops up now. Let alone that it does the same thing as PSNow, access to games via subscription w/o paying for them, and that Nintendo is the most well-recognized youth-friendly console and publisher out there.

itsmebryan46d ago

PSnow and Gamepass are the same?
PSnow has new games day and date of release at no extra charge? Please explain how they are the same?

Christopher46d ago

@itsmebryan: They're both the same type of service. Both offer download games and streaming for a monthly price where you never own the games. Both add games regularly, at no extra charge (why would they charge extra, can you explain that one? Or do you think PSNow charges more for new games?). Trying to make the service provided 100% about when exclusive titles hit it is just attempting to sell something as different. They're not.

Chronicle78046d ago

Game Pass is great, but you don't 'top' Nintendo's lineup by not even trying.

Microsoft can't keep relying on other companies for this. They need a studio that can provide family friendly games.


I see game pass as Family Friendly because it is cost friendly. Alotta kids want a game for a cool box cover, but get bored of it quickly. If I was a parent, I would value being able to give my kids access to 100+ games for a reasonable monthly fee. I wouldn’t even use it myself, I would just be happy that I don’t have to shell out $60 as often for a game my kid thinks is cool. They can try a lot of stuff, and be bored less.

Chronicle78046d ago

Oh for sure it's 'family friendly' in that you can get a huge number of games, but the point is Microsoft doesn't have studios making family friendly games - like games more targeted at kids. They have studios like Rare that excelled in that in the past, but don't do it anymore.

They need a family friendly studio and a fighting game studio and they're pretty much set.

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BlackIceJoe46d ago

There was a rumor Microsoft bought Krome Studios and they are working on a new Viva Pinata.

So if that rumor is true, that would help fill the void of not having family friendly games.