gameSlave: WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2009 Review

gameSlave writes: " Now, there's clearly no point in any of you fine people going elsewhere - already having come to the be-all and end-all of gaming review, preview and community sites. However, forced as I am to take some passing notice of what the rest of the console gutter-press is misguidedly spouting once in a while, an odd trait appears. Otherwise commercially successful publications that no doubt remunerate their writer handsomely seem to rotate out the normal staff and replace them with specialty scribblers when it comes time to talk about the latest instalment in one of the major wrestling franchises. The number of times the word 'awesome' has been used in a single article begins to become unsettling, and I swear I can actually hear the ubiquitous baseball cap wedged on their craniums, insulating the nacho cheese that percolates through their synapses.

That is of course unfair and nearly certainly unwarranted – its just that my prejudices seem to be stimulated by the fact that WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 published by THQ and designed by Yuke's Media Creations really is a ringingly hollow game experience, but will be wildly popular none the less."

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