New DVD Drive Makes Xbox 360 "Super Quiet

Several members of Xbox-Scene are reporting that a new DVD drive is being used by Microsoft for the Xbox 360. Microsoft has started using the BenQ VAD6038 for retail Xbox 360s since late 2006 and now the systems using this new drive are hitting store shelves.

Xbox-Scene user XBOXIZGOOD claims the new drive runs "super quiet", compared to the previous drives used by Microsoft, and it even loads stuff a bit faster.

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PS360PCROCKS4905d ago

nice, one less thing for people to say isn't good about the 360

PS360WII4905d ago

if all the 10.4 million 360 owners buy a new one. Then you can say one less thing

ArmrdChaos4905d ago

if all of those 10.4 million bought new ones MS would be able to count all those units as 'new' Sony does for the PS2???

hells henchman4905d ago

is there anyway to tell by looking at an unopened (still in box) 360 at the store to see?

weekapaugh4905d ago

way to wait over a year to fix a known problem...

Grown Folks Talk4905d ago

because it's so devastatingly loud you can't function properly while it's running. my ears bleed, my head aches, and even when i turn my tv off of mute, i can still hear it.

Marriot VP4905d ago

shoot, I thought I submitted this before you. I guess not

BIadestarX4905d ago

Predictable, Sony fanboys are not complaining that this issue is going to be a thing of the past. I don't recall you fanboys complaining about Sony replacing the faulty drive for the PSOne and PS2 to solve the very well known drive problems. But wait! It's microsoft! Only Sony is allowed to make hardware revisions. LOL [email protected]#[email protected]#$ fanboys.

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