Sony’s acquisition strategy is to wait for studios to ‘mature’

Hulst revealed that it is a matter of finding ways to bring the most innovative, the highest quality experiences to their audience, to the fans

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XiNatsuDragnel38d ago

Good move Sony I appreciate this move more tbh.

Sonic-and-Crash38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Sony’s acquisition is more like a partership rather than new boss.....many of the dev studios have said this

darthv7238d ago

Kind of like MS and Bethesda. You cant get any more mature than that. They been around for like 30 years (+/-). That is more of a partnership than ownership.

Babadook738d ago (Edited 38d ago )


Bethesda might even be so mature that they’re past their prime.

neutralgamer199238d ago

Sony has been in this business long enough to realize what works and what doesn't. They will only buy developers or studios who they have past relationship with. I see comments like they can't buy studios because Microsoft can just outbid them. A lot of times it's not about money for these studios it has more to do with relationships and past experiences(and creative freedom) just look at the insomniac acquisition insomniac could have gotten a lot more money elsewhere, but they chose Sony because they know and understand that Sony will not be there bosses instead will provide resources and give them their space and the creative freedom. And I believe that Phil Spencer is doing the same he's buying the studios but then he's not interfering a lot of times with them he's letting them do their things which is the right approach in my opinion

And if push comes to serve they will invest billions if Microsoft keeps doing it simply because Sony needs PlayStation a lot more than Microsoft needs Xbox to survive. They should buy blue point and housemarque.

Zhipp38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Sony isn't buying up tons of studios because they don't need to.They put in the legwork over the past decade to aready be able to have regular first party releases. M$ were the ones who had to play catch up. Sony will continue acquiring studios, but they can afford to take their time about it unlike M$.

It does look like M$ is taking a hands off approach with handling their studios, so I agree with you there.

Aloymetal38d ago

Yup, can't argue with that.

Lightning Mr Bubbles38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I have no idea what any of this means, kind of sounds like a bunch of damage control to me. I understand Sony doesn't have the money Microsoft does to acquire studios like Bethesda, but how skipping E3 and letting all the attention be on XBOX and Nintendo is a good strategy is beyond me.

Tacoboto38d ago

Another way to look at it - Sony's actively in mindshare because Ratchet just launched, and right before was the premiere of Horizon FW gameplay, both with massively positive buzz. 90%+ of the games announced during E3 will be on PS5.

Going to E3 themselves would have created a numbers conversation: who's releasing what the rest of the year, and Sony has the fewest first-party releases remaining now for 2021. So by skipping it, they're avoiding potentially negative spin.

Lightning Mr Bubbles38d ago (Edited 38d ago )


I guess... Don't get me wrong I thought XBOX had a solid conference, it didn't blow me away or anything. I made a list of the big console exclusives they showed.

Halo Infinite
The Outerworlds 2
Forza 5
Atomic Heart
Psychonauts 2
Stalker 2

Of all those games, maybe 3 stand out to me. Halo of course is their flagship franchise, Starfield has potential, mainly cause of the developers and the premise, but it's not like we've seen any gameplay. When I think of a narrative driven space RPG, I think of Mass Effect, especially the first 2 or 3 games when it was really good. So Maybe Starfield will be something. And also Outerworlds 2, I played the original and thought it was okay, eventually I gave the game to my nephew without having finished it, so it wasn't my favorite but it's from Obsidian so it's definitely a solid RPG franchise. The rest of those games don't really do much for me if I'm being honest.

So just being totally honest, I thought XBOX had a solid showing but to say they killed it or something would be an exaggeration in my eyes. But that's me, other people might feel different.

Tacoboto38d ago

I agree, even with more of those games I'm excited for than you. It's hard to say anyone had a killer performance this E3, and as good as Halo Infinite looked to me, it's a disappointment there aren't any hands on impressions for it (or really many other games it seems)

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Bennibop38d ago

Yep growing the industry with new studios is always a better more.

Kornholic38d ago ShowReplies(9)
1Victor38d ago

@real Ted
Only sunset overdrive was developed outside of Sony consoles and now we are going to make believe that they was a 3rd party developer DOING GAMES FOR ALL SYSTEMS LIKE BETHESDA.

Kornholic37d ago


Thankfully I haven't been banned yet. I can't believe either that my comment was flagged as "inappropriate".

I'm glad to see that at least the majority agree with me based on the upvotes.

Thundercat7738d ago

They have the best and most talented first party studios in the market. They know what they are doing.

IRetrouk38d ago

A mix between first party, second and third has always been their strategy, I like them helping up and coming studios too, love some of the inventive stuff new teams come up with, future is looking bright for gaming.

Witchcraft38d ago

A mix between 1st, 2nd and 3rd party is everyone's strategy.

IRetrouk38d ago

Don't believe I said it wasnt🤷‍♂️

Witchcraft38d ago

Don't believe I said you said it wasn't.