Who Is That Mystery AI In The E3 2021 Halo Infinite Trailer

During the Xbox and Bethesda E3 2021 showcase, we got to see a new trailer for Halo Infinite, along with a new AI that we've never seen before. It's not Cortana, so who is she? And what's her role?

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masterfox47d ago

I miss Cortana the real one.

Obscure_Observer47d ago

Me too. Without her, it´s not the same.

DJStotty47d ago

Hasn't Cortana been in them all? I mean she is the focus of the storyline?

And she is also in Halo Infinite, i can see a plot twist with this new AI.

Obscure_Observer46d ago

"Hasn't Cortana been in them all? I mean she is the focus of the storyline?"

Yeah, but we know of her condition. I want her fully restored and returned back to chief.

LucasRuinedChildhood47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Would not be surprised if there's a twist where the new AI is actually just Cortana all along or at least has an objective which will majorly conflict with what Master Chief is doing. Cortana was obviously not just killed offscreen ("deleted").

giovonni47d ago

They gonna have to first tell me how they were able to control all the A.I’s that sided with Cortona at the end of 5.

DJStotty47d ago

I can see a plot twist of some kind coming lol, looking forward to the launch.

Sciurus_vulgaris47d ago

The new AI is just another Cortana model. Cortana in halo 4 stated that Halsey [who is Cortana’s human template] could create another model of her.

Masterchief_thegoat47d ago

Halo ain’t the same without masterchief and cortana together.

JayRyu47d ago

Looking forward to this game. They have to bring back Cortana I need to know what happened to her After Halo 5

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