Sony Crowns Blu-ray Disc as Winner Over HD DVD

Sony Computer Entertainment America issued a press release today announcing that since the release of the PlayStation 3, with more than two million units shipped worldwide, Blu-ray Disc has experienced "tremendous growth in consumer adoption."

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InMyOpinion4901d ago

I trust Sony a 100%. Can anyone say that without being a compulsive liar?

CG4901d ago (Edited 4901d ago )

Its the main stream consumers who will crown the winner in this battle!! when will sony just STFU instead of constantly shooting themselves in the foot!!!

AuburnTiger4901d ago

If you read the article properly, you'll see that Sony only said that it had "tremendous growth in consumer adoption." that's it.(it has the numbers to back up that statement) It says nothing about a crown, king or anything pertaining to the title of this story. This crown/king statement was given by TeamXbox.

BIadestarX4901d ago

Did they mean PS3? You see that's the problem. Sony it's always hidding the details. I'm not deniying that blu-ray is on top; honesly I can careless, I'm not resistant to buy into blu-ray when it goes under $150. That's why I bough an HDDVD drive since i can use it for my 360 or PC. But, since the PS3 is not primarily a movie player; lots of people got it to play games and will not pay that much for a movie when they can buy a game. Also, every PS3 comes with a movie which Sony is using to show (on paper) have many blu-ray movies are being shipped(in total); this includes the one that comes with the PS3.

lalaland4901d ago

Sony packed in a Blu-Ray movie with the first 500k shipped PS3's and the promotion ended in the middle of December. The quoted numbers are from January - well after the promotion ended.

Today, because of PS3, there are more installed Blu-Ray movieplayers than HD-DVD players. More moviestudios supporting the Blu-Ray format than HD-DVD. More manufacturers producing Blu-Ray players than manufacturers making HD-DVD players. And Blu-Ray outsells HD-DVD in retail.

The only thing HD-DVD has going for it, is more support from the porn-industry.... yet porn can be bought for Blu-Ray as well...

andthensum4901d ago

at this rate, there's no way Blu-ray will lose this war. Sony is killing the competition.

SuperSaiyan44901d ago

They go and use a trojan horse with the PS3 and for ever PS3 they sell they make out that Blu-Ray is more popular well does the consumer have a choice? No. When they buy a PS3 they get blu-ray but heres the deal you can only watch blu-ray movies if you have a HDTV!

pp4901d ago

sony were selling bluray movies for free thats how desparate theyre gone

D R Fz4901d ago

"Selling Blu-ray movies for Free"... hmmmm...

Selling for free... hmmm...

Is it possible to sell something for free?

I think you should edit that. Read the p.s. of comment 6.1

Marty83704901d ago

Consoles have been them for years.Money is lossed in first couple of years,and made back on games & add-on.