Starfield Has More Hooks Than Skyrim to Keep You Playing, Is More of a Hardcore RPG

Todd Howard revealed some new info on Starfield today. It has more 'hooks' than Skyrim to keep you playing and has more hardcore RPG elements, too.

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phoenixwing48d ago

if i have to worry about oxygen supply like some survival rpg thingy then i'm out.

TheRealTedCruz48d ago

People are getting more and more complacent when it comes to games.
People want less mechanics, and more shooty shooty.

phoenixwing48d ago

Ted I'm sure you complained about botw having weapons that break on you. A crappy useless game mechanic gets criticism from me regardless of who is making it.

Alexious48d ago

I don't know that's the case

CorndogBurglar48d ago

Having oxygen run out on you is just annoying. No Man's Sky had crap like that and it sucked really bad. Nothing worse than being in the middle of something then needing to stop so you can go perform maintenance on your environmental suit.

galgor48d ago

The massive rise in survival based games says otherwise.

TheRealTedCruz48d ago


Haven't even played BoTW, actually. Though I did enjoy the extra mechanics had in games like Metro, and thought it added tone a d atmosphere to the experience.

NeoGamer23248d ago

I wouldn't say that. I think there is a broad number of gamers that want things easy, for sure. But these kinds of hardcore RPG games are becoming less and less. So, I think there is a market for a large budget hardcore RPG. As a first party studio now, MS/Bethesda should not be doing generic games that everyone else is doing. They should be pushing the envelope and providing more game diversity to the XB lineup. That may not appeal to everyone, but I think that is what brings success to a console.

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Father__Merrin48d ago

yes stuff like that and timed mechanics puts me completely its simply not fun.

JEECE48d ago

It seems like having a "survival mode" that included this mechanic and others like it would resolve the issue. That way it isn't forced on everyone, but it's there for those who want to do a hardcore run.

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Muigi48d ago Show
anast48d ago

Don't mention it. You are welcome.

phoenixwing48d ago

You want him to give it a rest because it just works right? Lol

Elda48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Easier said when Todd & Bethesda knows what the gameplay looks like. All was shown was a cgi video of people in a ship & then someone walking to the cockpit of a ship to prepare a takeoff & that was it. LOL!

Viking_mo47d ago

Hard to believe the game was in development for years and they show that with no gameplay.

Zhipp47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

It was stated at the start of the trailer that it was alpha in-engine footage. Besides that you can tell it wasn't pre-rendered just by looking at it. The visuals were nothing mindblowing. After seeing UE5 and Horizon 2 I don't see why you'd think these graphics aren't possible.

patrick147d ago

Digital Foundry confirmed that it wasn't CGI do to the raytracing aspect of the trailer.

jcole9747d ago

The fact that you think it was cgi speaks volumes

HannibalLecter47d ago

Seems like a bite on that Star Citizen games popularity..
if this ends up anything else like Bethesda's other releases though probably bug infested, maybe not though with a new engine.. time will tell guess we just gotta wait.....

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2moda5gamer48d ago

Can't wait to play this 2 years after realise once all the bugs are fixed.

Dark_Overlord48d ago

2 years? That's being way too generous, Skyrim has been out 10? years now and is still riddled with glitches and bugs (including quest breaking ones).

Docknoss47d ago

Yet everyone plays that game because it's massive and epic with lore

Docknoss47d ago

You'll be playing it on an Xbox platform...

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