Microsoft Flight Simulator File Size Revealed For Xbox Series

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a beefy game on PC but it received a recent update that has reduced its file size. Here's how much space it will take on XSX.

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CaptainHenry91644d ago ShowReplies(4)
StoneyYoshi44d ago

Thats a decent chunk of storage just to fly around. Im surprised they couldn't compress it down even more compared to the PC version.

JustTheFax44d ago

I know right? They could easily make it wireframe graphics!

NeoGamer23244d ago

I wish for these types of games that you also had the option to download and run from your console and either select geographic areas you want to download to fly in, and/or just stream the data from the cloud (not stream the sim game as well).

boing143d ago

Flight Sim on PC already does that. There is a setting to allow for streaming of high-res data while you're flying. But I think it adds up to the base ~100Gb so I wonder if XSX will have this option too.

NeoGamer23243d ago

Excellent. I hope XB Series does the same thing. I want to play FS on my console, but, at the same time I don't want it eating my NVMe drives.

Tech544d ago

PC - 100 GBs
Xbox - 93 GBs

execution1744d ago

Big ouch if you have a series s

DJStotty44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

"Big ouch if you have a series s"

Not really, comes in well under Call of Duty cold war at around 143GB

VariantAEC39d ago

PC owner with the game installed on my SSD. It's the same size sans any additional downloads from the games own in-game store where like via Minecraft you can download additional content for free or for a fee.

With all the latest content the game is pretty chunky over 130GB last I played but it took me way to long to upgrade my internal system storage to ultrafast SSD and Gen-3 NVMe media so I just missed the recent Iceland world update. Eventually after some of my other MS store purchased games are finished redownloading I'll update MSFS again. The way MS store handles apps that fail to start is completely ludicrous BTW it just erases everything including your save data and forces you to start over from scratch. F•••ing MS experts at nothing.
So I will be starting from scratch in FH4 as I just learned. Because I forgot where the save data was stored and I didn't expect that data to be erased when reinstalling the game which another BTW moment was already on my new SSD and recognized by the system it just wouldn't start. So fixing the problem means completely forgetting that it ever existed and starting over!
And people wonder why I loath PC gaming? Just because I swapped out the drive making matters more ridiculous is the game worked fine ON *THE NEW DRIVE* the previous few boots and that was before the 21H1 update. There was another feature update installed to catch up with 21H1 and Forza Horizon 4 stopped working after the previous feature update was installed which unlocked the 21H1 Windows 10 feature update (just to be clear). Either way all my games were working fine from my new drives and then they decided to not work for no reason.

DaveZero43d ago

That's not a bad size at all for the lovely looking game that it looks to be.

You have far less convincing games with a file size like that.

It's more than just flying around though, it's a real simulation and will be as close as to life like as you can get in terms of piloting planes and destinations to visit. It also has the whole world crammed into the file from the way it sounded that is to scale.

StoneyYoshi43d ago

I know how the game plays and I agree, I have it on PC. But the Look of the game doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the file size. With the file size only dropping 7Gb from its PC counterpart shows that the haven't really utilized the compression capabilities of the XSX|S.

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Jericho133744d ago

Well it’s available to pre load now so should be ready in time for launch 😂

DJStotty44d ago

wait you can pre load flight sim?

"Where's that goddamn controller" (fumbling frantically around)

roadkillers44d ago

Just let me stream this!

It is frustrating to constantly have to uninstall the MasterChief collection and Warzone to play smaller games. Just allow us to stream like the Xcloud... damn. At least I can keep my non-gamepass games installed.

NeoGamer23244d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Yes, this is a huge problem this generation. install a big AAA game and BAM, 1/5 of your NVMe drive is gone. Cannot wait til the price of these drives comes down and the size increases a lot. I am a game surfer and not having enough drive space really makes game surfing a pain.

I don't even want to talk about the PTSD I am getting from my once a week reassessment, uninstalling, and installing to try and predict what games I will want to play next week. Lucky I have 1 Gigabit Internet. Otherwise I'd probably take my new consoles and do some anger management with my sledgehammer.

I have the 1 TB expansion on my XSXes. Still I can typically only have 60-140 games installed. (I know lame first world problem), But I have over 2,500 games owned digitally so installing less then 10% of them is annoying. It is even worse on PS. I am still waiting for the ability to add NVMe drives. Has that feature been added yet?

InUrFoxHole44d ago

No. Not yet, unless I missed an update.

DaveZero43d ago

I use a 1TB for my series S and it still does me and have lots of games on it, one of them is over a 100gb in which is Conan exiles.

I don't know why people try to turn this into an arguement because really all the consoles of this new gen could of done with bigger hard drives internally.

NeoGamer23243d ago

I said this is a generational problem. It is not just XB or PS. It is both. On my XBO I was able to keep a satisfactory amount of games on the console and available. As more and more games require the fast NVMe drive and become larger and larger this is becoming more and more of an issue. AAA games with a full campaign, and full multiplayer will have minimum installs around 100-150 Gb. Add a full multiplayer and these games will top 200-250 Gb by the end of the generation.

I see it as natural growth, but the NVMe drive sizes are disproportionate to the game sizes as compared to this last generation. The problem is that last gen I could install all my games on whatever drive I could find and run them from that drive directly. Now we taking a step backwards where many games have to be on these NVMe drives to work. Kind of defeats the purpose of the fast load times if you have to spend 5-10 minutes moving games around to have them run fast. LOL.

DJStotty44d ago

You not got an external?

Just transfer games to the external until you want to play them, takes 5 minutes.

XxINFERNUSxX44d ago Running on a 6900XT 4K ultra over 100FPS only drops when you get close to cities. There will be significant cuts in most areas to get it to run at 30fps on consoles. 60fps I don't know what can they do to reach that.

Father__Merrin44d ago

It's running at 48 to 30 28 37 tjats not smooth gameplay

NeoGamer23244d ago

If 30 fps is not smooth enough then you couldn't have started gaming until this past generation. It is dumb to say 30 fps is not smooth enough because almost AAA open world games are 30 fps.

The Last of Us on PS3 won pretty much universal GOTY often falling below 27 fps on on the PS3. you can't say that is lousy gameplay or else they should rescind TLOU GOTY awards.

ProjectVulcan43d ago

When I watched the Series X direct feed I was considerably less impressed than seeing the PC version initially and then playing it first hand on PC. It's clearly cut back quite a bit to run on Series X but the experience is still preserved that's the main thing.

VariantAEC39d ago

Update the underlying codebase.
People get chastised for saying this was poorly coded, but I'm going to say it is poorly coded.
Ground traffic is completely stupid and turning all forms of ground traffic off brings my FPS up to a stable 20 (because MS store games are s••• and don't play nice with whisper mode) at 1080p. Of course the framerate can actually be higher if the game worked properly. I get 60FPS only at the initial content management screen. I have to disable Nvidia's "Whisper Mode" to get anything over 20 in demanding scenes on my laptop. Mind you I can run this game maxed out without any AI traffic (though I can leave animal AI turned on) on my GTX 1070 (8GB) coupled with an i7 7700 HQ at 30 FPS.

Graphics aren't Microsoft Flight Simulators problem those are decidedly last gen in implementation. Dev mode also makes it abundantly clear that draw distance is very limited for any special craft that might breech the atmosphere. No space craft in this game ever well unless the underlying renderer allows for more of the planet to be drawn in at once. So yeah I paid $90 for this and while it's obviously way better than tje simulations I've been playing on my Phone it's still last gen in nature and it shows from the way clouds are rendered to material lighting overall the game looks very good when using Bing maps data enhanced by BlackShark AI even so it doesn't hold up that well under close scrutiny even from a distance. It's still nice to grief other players by trying to follow them in close formation in the Cessna CJ4 Citation jet.

Oh yeah they can see me! I've not tried wrecking into strangers or AI planes though. Not convinced that's a thing. The worst I've done is overshoot a runway into trees causing a wreck. I've overshot a runaway on a dirt strip that put me on a street apparently you can't wreck with ground vehicles (they drive through the plane no consequence). The other problem I had was getting stuck with ground crews not coming with the pushback when I decided to try to take off realistically. This resulted in me nosing into the side of the airport.
Yes, because the game works properly.

"I requested a pushback five times already!"
[Hours later]
"F••• it."
[Crashes into airport from parking only after completing the flight check and calling repeatedly for a pushback]
Great sim!
I started from Laguardia Airport which is pretty built up and ground crews are enabled at their lowest settings.

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