Amazon's game streaming platform, Luna, will be available to Prime members on June 21 and 22

Amazon is giving more people the chance to try its game streaming service, Luna, later in June. You'll need to be a Prime member, however.

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Orchard43d ago

I forgot this even existed. How long until this goes the way of Stadia?

phoenixwing43d ago

If they're giving it away free with a prime account expect it to do way better because a ton of people have prime accounts just to get the free shipping. Add in tv show streaming and video game streaming and it's kind of an enticing thing for prime owners to have. As long as they don't jack up the price too high a lot of people will simply buy it because it's there. I don't have good enough internet to stream video games but I'll still end up buying prime anyway even if it goes up a little in price. If I ever move to an area with good internet I wouldn't mind using it maybe.

Orchard43d ago

If they bundled it in with Prime it would take off for sure, and I would likely use it. But they're only giving a 7 day trial, it's not permanently coming to Prime (yet at least).

CrimsonWing6943d ago

I'm actually in the beta and I'm shocked at how well the games run. The library isn't massive but I played Control and I couldn't tell that I was streaming a game. Don't dismiss it just because it's a game streaming service. This is an affordable entry for people who want to play games.

poppatron43d ago

What resolution did it run in? I wonder if it’ll run through the prime app on a tv

CrimsonWing6943d ago


It's only 1080p right now and it's a separate app.

Christopher43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I've been testing it and I just don't see how people play these games on phones. But it is solid.

ProLogY43d ago

The business model is a lot better than Stadia.. Though I'm still waiting on some heavy hitting games from Amazon Studios, they have had a rough start.

Knightofelemia43d ago

Wonder if Amazon will do a better job then the way Google is handling Stadia? Personally I like physically collecting games myself so a streaming service is not top on my list no matter who offers it.

Vits43d ago

They most definitely will.

The bussiness model is much more consumer friendly with a Gamepass/Netflix subscription base. And they use the Windows PC versions of the games. So while there will be some licensing isues that will limite what is available in the service. We can expect its library to grow at a much higher rate than Stadias.

Knightofelemia42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Nothing is ever set in stone for all we know Amazon could do an even shittier job then how Google is handling Stadia. Google bought up 3 game studios and shut them down with in a year. They released one game that has a game breaking bug and the studio was closed before a patch was dropped. Amazon bought up Twitch and now that platform is littered with adds from shoes to booze to a burger being advertised for Burger King. You could be watching a stream and bang an add for vodka appears.

ToddlerBrain43d ago

Connecting the controller via WiFi goes a long way in combating input lag but it’s still not that great. Streaming is not so much the future as it is complimentary of the course games are on. Streaming a game while it installs is amazing. So is being able to play on your phone out and about. Otherwise the input lag is still not where it needs to be across the board.

porkChop43d ago

At least they're letting some people test it at no additional cost. Google made you pay a new subscription and buy a brand new Chromecast before you could even test Stadia. If you really believe in your service there's no reason to not let people test it before shelling out a bunch of money.

P4rrot43d ago

There is a free 30 day trail with Stadia Pro. You don't need a Chromecast, you can try it on many devices. I'm not saying it's a good service suitable for everyone, it's very dependent on the quality of connection. Will work well for some not others. From my experience it's better than most game streaming services, but when tried in some locations it has sucked too.

porkChop43d ago

There's a trial now, but there wasn't at launch.

DarthMarvin43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Oh, it's going to be included in a Prime membership? That's actually pretty awesome.

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