Elden Ring Director Hidetaka Miyazaki Talks About FromSoftware's Largest Map Ever

On the heels of its E3 2021 appearance, Director Hidetaka Miyazaki talks about the staggeringly enormous game map of the hotly-anticipated Elden RIng.

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Nacho_Z37d ago

I had hoped for a genuine open world rather than separate areas that you do one by one. I was interested to see how it would feel in a From game to explore freely with no restrictions or barriers. Just start somewhere in the middle, pick a direction and start your adventure.

Not to worry I'm sure it'll work great and the six areas are probably big enough to give a similar feeling.

SyntheticForm37d ago

I just don't think that's Miyazaki's style.

I think that freshness and originality in gaming need to occur organically; that is to say we shouldn't pressure developers into taking a certain route in terms of design.

For example, Guerrilla didn't create their open-world HZD under duress, but on their own terms. They felt confident enough to test different waters, so they deviated from Killzone and here we are.

As tired as some may be of the DS formula, we need to let Miyazaki do his thing. We've seen what happens in this industry when developers do things that their hearts aren't exactly in.